Sibrenne Wagenaar & Joitske Hulsebosch - Design Blended Learning

Everything You Need To Know About Tools, Design and Facilitating


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An online study doesn’t have to be a second-rate alternative to a series of meetings in a conference room. In fact, a well-advised mix of learning online and offline, group study and individual work, studying by yourself and learning together, is more effective than the traditional forms of learning. When you add the advantages of increased flexibility of time and location and more autonomy for the student, and you understand why blended learning is an integral part of today’s educational landscape.

But how do you design a strong and innovative study program? There more choices to make than before. Who do you involve in making that design? Which crucial choices do you make regarding the format? How do you select the best tools? And what do you need to take into account when you facilitate blended learning?

Does this book provide the solution, the blueprint, or the tool for blended learning? No. We don’t believe in providing all the answers.

As Human Resource designers, developer or trainer, you can choose and go through your own study program, with the help of this book. Whether you are looking for the right blended solution for a study in your organization, or the quickest route to a razor-sharp innovative session, Design Blended Learning is the practical guide you have been searching for.

Published in May 2021 | Paperback | 220 pages | ca. 67,000 words | With illustrations
Dutch edition published by Thema Publishers

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Sibrenne Wagenaar is fascinated by the many options of tools and technologies to strengthen learning and working together. She develops and supports practical and innovative learning programs, with an emphasis on social learning. She loves to explore new tools and applications for online learning together with others.

Joitske Hulsebosch sees all online platforms and tools as her playground of new opportunities to support learning and change processes. She works with several international organizations and likes to make other enthusiastic about the new online possibilities.


1. Organize the beginning
2. Design your blend
3. Make your blend innovative
4. From goal to tool
5. From infographics to interactive video
6. The art of online facilitating
7. Online specials



‘I devoured the book. Easy to read with all the examples and a lot of tools I hadn’t seen before and I am sure give a try. I usually exchange good books with colleagues, but I am not going to lend this one. I use it as an inspiring reference book when your development program gets stuck halfway. So we ordered the book for all colleagues.’
J. Rook

‘A must-read for professionals that doesn’t want to get lost in the large number of possibilities. Every designer will enjoy this book.’
Ria van Dinteren, Editor-in-Chief, Magazine for Organizational Development

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