Adel, Niek van den – Crash (with Peter Smolders)
Amelsvoort, Goof van – Leadership and Psychological Safety in Teams
Ammerlaan, Edwin – Lost Souls
Andel, Maarten van – The Green Illusion
Andel, Maarten van – The Green Opportunity
Anthonio, Gabriël – The Leader's Keys
Anthonio, Gabriël – Life Talks Back
Anthonio, Gabriël – The Mirror for Princes
Anthonio, Gabriël – The Swiss Army Knife for Leaders
Appelman, Marius – Rickshaw's Journey
Ardon, Arend – Slowing Down to Speed Up
Arets, Martijn – Platform Revolution
Audenaert, Mieke – How to Grow as a People Manager

aggen, Fred – The Adversary
Beckett, David – Pitch to Win
Bellemans, Johan – Sports Injuries
Berg, Marije van den – STOP.
Bellersen, Monique – Intervision (with Inez Kohlmann)
Blaauw, Espérance – Picture This!
Blommaert, Tjeu – Management in Singularity (with Stephan Vandenbroek)
Boermans, Menno – TopTeams (with Katja Staartjes)
Bogers, Jan-Peter – Make It Simple
Boonstra, Jaap – Organizational Change as Collaborative Play
Bos, Jo – The Project Canvas (with Rudy Kor and Theo van der Tak)
Bouker, Mohamed – The CFO in Pole Position (with Frank Geelen and Nart Wielaard)
Brabander, Charlotte Van – FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early
Brandsma, Bart – Polarisation
Braun, Danielle – Building Tribes (with Jitske Kramer)
Braun, Danielle – The Corporate Tribe (with Jitske Kramer)
Braun, Danielle – Patterns
Brown, Leonie Joanne – Writing Towards Consciousness
Brugman, Karin – Me, My Selves, and I (with Judith Budde and Berry Collewijn)
Bruijn, Roland de – End of Discussion (with Fons Trompenaars)
Budde, Judith – Me, My Selves, and I (with Karin Brugman and Berry Collewijn)
Buis, Ellis – How-to-Book for Coaching (with Joost Crasborn)
Burg, Glenn van der – How People Work
Burg, Glenn van der – Podcasting for Communication Professionals
Bushoff, Roland – Strategic Managing in a Turbulent World (with Norbert Greveling)

ollewijn, Berry – Me, My Selves, and I (with Karin Brugman and Judith Budde)
Crasborn, Joost – How-to-Book for Coaching (with Ellis Buis)

armon, Dominique J. – Have I Got Dirt For You
Davidson, Patrick – Musk Mania (with Hans van der Loo)
Decramer, Adelien – Making Organisations Work
Delano, Jennifer – Refuse in Order to Succeed
Dirkse, Sasja – Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings Vol. 1, The (with Angela Talen)
Dols, Rozemarijn – Professional Career Coaching
Dooms, Ann – Math
Dijk, Bert van – Influence Others, Start With Yourself

lewout, Hans van – DISC From A to Z (with Peter Haenraets)
Engels, Cedric – The Power of Sound

los, Bart – The Anti-Complaining Book
Flos, Bart – The Perfect Project

agestein, Sarah – Don't Think About a Pink Elephant
Galavazi, Juriaan – You Are The Love
Geelen, Frank – The CFO in Pole Position (with Mohamed Bouker and Nart Wielaard)
Geelen, Peter – Winning With the Right KPIs
George, Bert – Making Public Organizations Work
Gerretsen, Chas –The Strange and Wonderful Life of Chas Gerretsen
Geus, Marnix – Book of Ideals, The
Gietema, Jeroen – The Project Saboteur (with Dion Kotteman)
Gons, Esther – The Corporate Startup (with Tendayi Viki and Dan Toma)
Goor, Jacky van de – 107 Game-Changers for Workday Bliss
Goulmy, Louis – Real Men Work 4 Days
Graaf, Edwin de – Decisions by Design (with Marjolijn de Graaf)
Graaf, Marjolijn de – Decisions by Design (with Edwin de Graaf)
Graaf, Roel de – 180 Business Hacks
Greveling, Norbert – Strategic Managing in a Turbulent World (with Roland Bushoff)
Griendt, Lieneke van de – Medicine: Prescription vs. Healing?
Groen, Joris – Online Influence (with Bas Wouters)
Groenewegen, Astrid – Art of Designing Behaviour, The

aak, Sam van den – My Birthday is Not My Birthdate
Haas, Rob de – Practical Guide Online Meetings
Haenraets, Peter – DISC From A to Z (with Hans van Elewout)
Hattori, Natsuo – The Japanese Sword (with Tomohori Nakamori)
Have Change Management, Ten – The Change Canvas
Heijn, Dennis – Against the Flow
Hidskes, Maarten – The East
Holt, Philip – Leading With Lean
Holt, Philip – The Simplicity of Lean
Hooft, Leonie van – Evolutionary Leadership
Hoogeveen, Peter – Business Aikido
Houtem, George van – The Dirty Tricks of Negotiating
Hulsebosch, Joitske – Design Blended Learning (with Sibrenne Wagenaar)

aschke, Arthur – Mind the Music

amer, Jurriaan – Formula X (with Rini van Solingen)
Kievit, Ineke – Effective Time Management
Kievit, Ineke – The Parrots of Moshe
Klijn, Arienne – Meet Your Inner Family
Klijn, Sandra – What Do You Really Want?
Kodden, Sebastiaan – The Art of Sustainable Performance
Kohlmann, Inez – Intervision (with Monique Bellersen)
Kor, Rudy – The Project Canvas (with Jo Bos and Theo van der Tak)
Kotteman, Dion – The Project Saboteur (with Jeroen Gietema
Kramar, Robin – Sustainable HRM (with Alex Vanderstraeten)
Kramer, Jitske – Building Tribes (with Danielle Braun)
Kramer, Jitske – The Corporate Tribe (with Danielle Braun)
Kramer, Jitske – Jam Cultures
Kramer, Jitske – Tricky Times
Kramer, Jitske – Voodoo
Kramer, Jitske – Work Has Left the Building
Krockow, Nina – Doing Business in Germany
Kroon, Jan-Joost – From Capo to CEO
Kuiken, Ben – The Serious Book of Play (with Marijne Vos)
Kuiken, Ben – Think Different

abovic, Milos – EU Superlobby
Leenman, Thijs – Change Behavior
Linde, Irene van der – Blood and Honey (with Nicole Segers)
Loo, Hans van der – Musk Mania (with Patrick Davidson)
Loo, Hans van der – Taylor Swift

aris, Susanne – Keep the Good, Ditch the Bad
Marwijk, Frank van – Body Language
Marwijk, Frank van – Don't Be Afraid to Manipulate
Matthijsen, Damaris – Free, Equal, and Together
Morris, Jim – Cultural Calling Cards
Muchall, Cedric – Sugarcoated Organizations Problems (with Lennard Toma)

akamori, Tohomori – The Japanese Sword (with Natsuo Hattori)
Nihom, Joanne – Beyond Borders
Noks Nauta – I Know I'm Right (with Ido van der Waal)

ostenbrink, Margreet – Hidden Connections
Opstal, Dennis – TopService for Demanding Customers (with Jean-Pierre Thomassen)

ater, Martijn – Collaborate or Die (with James Veenhoff)
Portman, Henny – Agile Portfolio Management (with Rini van Solingen)
Postma, Oeds Jan – How to Become a Millionaire With a Regular Job
Pijl, Jacques – Strategy = Execution

eesink, Maarten – Manimal
Reijneveld, Jan-Dirk – Doing More in Less Time
Riel, Karolien Van – Sustainable Business Management
Roo, Kirsten de – The Perfect Match
Rossum, Lisa van – The Strategy Canvas (with Ton Speet and Maxime van Winden)
Ruiter, Floor de – Driven by Dialogue
Rulkens, Paul – The Power of Preeminence

awa, Madoka – The Choice To Quit
Scheire, Lieven – Physics
Schinkels, Chantal – The IT Girl
Schurink, Frank – Hassle Management
Segers, Nicole – Blood and Honey (with Irene van der Linde)
Sheikh, Haroon – Hydropolitics
Sims, Benjamin J. – Singing Rumpelstiltskin
Sitskoorn, Margriet – The SUPERBRAIN Secret
Sitskoorn, Margriet – Train Your CEO Brain and Become Your Best Self
Smits, Joris – Pricing Power
Smolder, Peter – Crash (with Niek van den Adel)
Solingen, Rini van – Agile
Solingen, Rini van – Agile Portfolio Management (with Henny Portman)
Solingen, Rini van – The Beekeeper
Solingen, Rini van – Formula X (with Jurriaan Kamer)
Speet, Ton – The Strategy Canvas (with Lisa van Rossum and Maxime van Winden)
Staartjes, Katja – TopTeams (with Menno Boermans)
Staveren, Martin van – Risk Dialogue
Sterke, Misha de – The 10x Growth Machine
Stillman, Daniel – Good Talk

ak, Theo van der – The Project Canvas (with Rudy Kor and Jo Bos)
Talen, Angela – Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings Vol. 1, The (with Sasja Dirkse)
Thomassen, Jean-Pierre – TopService for Demanding Customers (with Dennis Opstal)
Tillema, Kees – Out of the Groove
Toma, Dan – The Corporate Startup (with Tendayi Viki and Esther Gons)
Toma, Lennard – Sugarcoated Organization Problems (with Cedric Muchall)
Treanor III, Vincent – Behind The Doors
Trompenaars, Fons – End of Discussion (with Roland de Bruijn)
Tyler, Ben – Dream Dare Do
Tyler, Ben – The Ladder
Tyler, Ben – This Is Your Year!

an Brabander, Charlotte – FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early
Van Riel, Karolien – Sustainable Business Management
Valkenier, Tamar – Full-time Adventuress
Vandenbroek, Stephan – Management in Singularity (with Tjeu Blommaert)
Vanderstraeten, Alex – Sustainable HRM (with Robin Kramar)
Veen, Renate van der – Guidebook Human Recharging Spaces
Veenhoff, James – Collaborate or Die (with Martijn Pater)
Vermeulen, Vincent – Guestology 2.0
Viki, Tendayi – The Corporate Startup (with Dan Toma and Esther Gons)
Vink, Gonny – Remote Leadership
Vos, Hendrik – This is Europe
Vos, Marijne – The Serious Book of Play (with Ben Kuiken)
Vreedeveld, Erwin – Your Life Really Matters!

aal, Ido van der – I Know I'm Right (with Noks Nauta)
Wagenaar, Klaas – Business Unusual
Wagenaar, Marja – Leadership for Women
Wagenaar, Sibrenne – Design Blended Learning (with Joitske Hulsebosch)
Weima, Klaas – Attention Marketing
Weijers, Frank – Now We're Talking!
Westendorp, Linda – Run From the Water
Wiegel, Tim – Leading With Obeya
Wielaard, Nart – The CFO in Pole Position (with Mohamed Bouker and Frank Geelen)
Winden, Maxime van – The Strategy Canvas (with Ton Speet and Lisa van Rossum)
Wit, Bob de – Society 4.0
Wouter, Bas – Online Influence (with Joris Groen)
Wouterson, Floris – Super Sleep
Wijman, Erwin – You Are What You Drive

andvliet, Ferry – Souvenirs
Zeeland, Eveline van – Getting Started With Design Thinking
Zeeland, Eveline van – Marketing Design


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