Arend Ardon - Slowing Down to Speed Up

Reflective and Powerful Innovation in the NOW


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Arend Ardon presents a completely different story on change: who isn’t able to slow down, isn’t able to speed up

There is often a fundamental tension: with our head in the future, but with our behavior in the past. Running towards the future, we unconsciously repeat our past routines. This creates a chasm between the thing we try to achieve and what we really are capable of doing. And by running like a bull, we unintentionally slow down the process. We work on automatic and don’t see what we’re doing.

Contributing to a powerful and positive movement in a learning and reflecting manner

In Slowing Down to Speed Up, Arend Ardon shows the true value of consciously slowing down. We must be awake to listen to what our heart really speaks of and release the energy to create an unstoppable movement. To reflect on the habits that continue to distract us from our heart’s desires and to return to our natural ability to fall down and rise up again. With practical tools and inspiring examples, Arend Ardon shows us how to do this. Up close and accessible.

Slowing Down to Speed Up is a book for everyone who wants to contribute from personal leadership to a powerful and positive movement in a learning and reflective manner.

Published in November 2020 | Hardcover | 192 pages | ca. 40,000 words
Over 5,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers Amsterdam

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Arend Ardon is Social Psychologist and Business Administrator. He lectures at several business school, like Nyenrode Business University. His PhD research in 2009 for the Open University of Amsterdam received a lot of attention in the press. He wrote the bestsellers Break the Cycle! (35,000 copies sold) and Unleash Change! (10,000 copies sold), is a speaker, and is one of the founders of The Change Studio which supports inspiring processes in leadership and change.


‘After reading the book, my vision on change processes has been broadened. I have realized the added value of Ardon’s refreshing approach, both professionally as personally. I have a hard time continuing with my good intentions. With his advice to math new behavior to habits, I will probably improve with this. The author writes fluently and uses visual language to tell his story. The theory is well-funded and clearly written with a lot of examples from his own advice experience. With illustrations and flow charts to clarify the theory.’
Marco Gerritsma, consultant

‘The title seems paradoxical, but according to Arend Ardon, slowing down to speed up means you give a voice to what our heart truly speaks about, what our purpose is and how we want to be of value.’
Louis Thörig, supervisor Master’s and Bachelor’s Theses at the department of Organizational Science at the Open University of Amsterdam

‘A refreshing book, full of inspiring insights for people who work on organizational change. Slowing Down to Speed Up is a wonderful book written in an accessible style.’
Elmas Duduk, Manager Spatial Planning and Sustainability for the City of Amsterdam

‘The author succeeded in making me think about my habits and assumptions about change processes in organizations and my private life. His book deals with a complex topic in a light-hearted tone. Slowing Down to Speed Up is for those who want to strengthen their personal leadership. Arend Ardon makes change small and personal to achieve something bigger.’
Rudy Kor, organizational advisor and author


No time to lose, so we have to take it slow

1. Give a voice to desire
Where there is desire, leadership is born
2. Create an innovative climate
Innovation only occurs with innovative behavior

3. See how you reproduce the past
Slow moments as a source of innovation
4. Break with old habits
You cannot outrun your reflection

5. Explore the unknown
Return to our ability to fall down and get back up
6. Strive for consistency
The occasional off-site meeting leads to nothing

7. Dare to lead
What do you want to do, in the here and now?

A personal message to the reader
About the author
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