Slowing Down to Speed Up - Arend Ardon

Slowing Down to Speed Up is a book for everyone who wants to contribute from personal leadership to a powerful and positive movement in a learning and reflective manner.

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Platform Revolution - Martijn Arets

While the platform revolution offers great possibilities, there are also questions. What do platforms do differently, what can existing organizations learn from them, what is the role of government in the platform economy and how do we use the chances while avoiding the negative side effects?

Shortlisted for PIM Marketing Literature Prize, Order of Organization Advisors Book of the Year, nominated for Management Book of the Year | English sample translation available | Click here for more information


STOP. - Marije van den Berg

STOP. provides five clear steps with which you can stop successfully within your team or organization. Wouldn’t it be great if our organizations would be better in stopping things? That sometimes less is really more? Shortlisted for Management Book of the Year, English sample translation available.

English sample translation available | Shortlisted for Management Book of the Year | Click here for more information


Management in Singularity - Tjeu Blommaert & Stephan Vandenbroek

Are you ready for unprecedented acceleration in scientific and technological developments? Innovations and scientific breakthroughs are tripping over each other. Only perception? No, it’s a fact. Drivers of this acceleration can be found in the availability of super computers in new technologies like nanotechnology, 3- and 4D-printing, bionics and artificial intelligence.

Winner of a Silver Medal at the Axiom Business Book Awards 2018, shortlisted for Management Book of the Year | Published in English, Russian and Dutch | Click here for more information


The CFO in Pole Position - Mohamed Bouker, Frank Geelen & Nart Wielaard

In The CFO in Pole Position, Mohamed Bouker and Frank Geelen (partners at Deloitte Consulting) and Nart Wielaard (business author) make a convincing plea to put the CFO behind the wheel of this exciting transformation. With the right CFO, any business can become a Decision Oriented Organization and make the right decision.

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180 Business Hacks - Roel de Graaf

Advisor Roel de Graaf (first name is pronounced as 'Rule') summarizes his consults in Business Hacks, a telling illustration with a short explanation. These work so well, he was compelled to select the 180 best Hacks over nine categories. Instant inspiration.

Published in Dutch and German | Click here for more information


Strategic Managing in a Turbulent World - Norbert Greveling & Roland Bushoff

This book describes a new paradigm about strategic managing. Aimed at leaders to keep a future-proof course in turbulent times by making the right strategic choices for their organization. Well-known strategy models and approaches for strategy development are hardly applicable for making and implementing strategic choices in the current age of increasing turbulence and disruption.

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Strategy = Execution - Jacques Pijl

Strategy = Execution is for leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs who view strategy execution as their principal job instead of strategy definition. Organizations are currently in a new economy, where they are either being disrupted or causing disruption. Continuity is no longer a given. Only one law applies: strategy = execution, because a strategy is only as brilliant as its execution. Strategy execution is the last competitive advantage, and strength, speed and agility in execution are more important than a perfectly mapped-out strategy based on feasibility and predictability.

Over 10,000 copies sold | Published in English, Russian, and Dutch | Winner of an Axiom Business Book Awards Gold Medal | Click here for more information


Agile - Rini van Solingen

The far-reaching digitalization creates a fundamental change and acceleration in our society. Organizations and people want to work more flexible and reach their results sooner, which requires a different way of thinking and working. Through this, agile is becoming the most common way of working and cooperation. Agile can be compared to your personal fitness; being fit as a team, division, or organization, so you can cope with all possible circumstances. Reacting fast, quickly, and agile on everything on your path. And this is exactly the most important skill in our age of digitization, disruption, and lightning fast changes. Agile expert Rini van Solingen shares his knowledge and experiences and sheds his light on the most common errors and misunderstandings.

English sample translation available | Published in German and Dutch | Click here for more information


The Strategy Canvas - Ton Speet, Lisa van Rossum & Maxime van Winden

The Strategy Canvas provides directors, CEO’s, managers, strategists, or advisors with a powerful tool. The canvas helps you in a practical manner to map out a fitting and supported route. A course that gives direction to your organization and forms the basis for successful change. In short, you work on a strategy that works.

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The 10x Growth Machine - Misha de Sterke

Product innovation is in most companies a priority, but business model innovation is failing while it is considered as one of the most important drivers for revenue growth. Hackathons, accelerators and startup collaborations are the vehicles for innovation, but what is the impact of these initiatives? Does it lead to real business impact or is it fair to say that most innovation projects end up at the graveyard?

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The Corporate Startup - Tendayi Viki, Dan Toma & Esther Gons

The Corporate Startup is a practical guide for established companies that aspire to develop and sustain their innovation capabilities.

Over 20,000 copies sold | Winner of a CMI Management Book of the Year Award and Axiom Business Book Awards Gold Medal | Published in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Dutch | Click here for more information


Business Unusual - Klaas Wagenaar

2020 has turned out to be a pivotal year, due to the Covid-19 virus. Many businesses have been confronted with a drop in demand and increasing debts. There is growing uncertainty about the future and huge financial pressure is building up, at a record pace. The current business model will no longer suffice. It is Business Unusual.

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Leading With Obeya - Tim Wiegel

Leading With Obeya is the first comprehensive book about how to do it right. Tim Wiegel is a dedicated Obeya coach who has witnessed firsthand the breakthrough changes within teams when strategy leads to meaningful action and performance. 'Leading With Obeya is an engaging read to making the transition from traditional to visual management possible.' - Patrick van der Pijl, CEO Business Models Inc., speaker, author of Design a Better Business and Business Model Shift, producer of Business Model Generation

Published in English, German and Dutch, rights sold for Italian and Chinese | Click here for more information

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