Marja Wagenaar - Leadership for Women

Achieve More With the 50/50 Method


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What can you do yourself to move up in your work and how do you fulfill a leadership role successfully?

Marja Wagenaar introduces the 50/50 Method, a new and powerful principle to advance in every stage of your career. The starting point is to use half of your time and energy at work for organizational goals and the other half to realize your personal career goals. This creates the perfect balance you need to become successful at work.

Leadership for Women is a complete and clear book filled with practical exercises and inspiring examples, and it is the first book that offers guidance for the complete career cycle of women. Building your reputation, vertical networking, bending the unwritten rules, working strategically, and creating your dream job, all is addressed. A book for women who want to provide for their organization and for themselves.

Published in November 2015 | Paperback | 208 pages | ca. 40,000 words
Dutch edition published by Van Duuren Media

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Marja Wagenaar is coach and consultant, and specialized in leadership. She helps individuals and international companies to improve, using the 50/50 Method she developed, a successful principle for women in leadership and women who aspire a leadership role.


1. The 50/50 Method
2. Choosing a new job
3. The first hundred days
4. Transferring from knowledge worker to strategical worker
5. Wanting to make a difference
6. Distinguishing the desired situation from reality
7. Making a good work plan
8. Decisions, priorities, and negotiations
9. The game and the unwritten rules
10. Authority replaces power
11. Energy and time
12. Visibility and success
13. Setbacks
14. Learning
15. Leadership
16. Your dream job
17. Showing yourself on the job market
18. In conclusion: good luck!
About the author

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