Platform Revolution - Martijn Arets

While the platform revolution offers great possibilities, there are also questions. What do platforms do differently, what can existing organizations learn from them, what is the role of government in the platform economy and how do we use the chances while avoiding the negative side effects?

Shortlisted for PIM Marketing Literature Prize, Order of Organization Advisors Book of the Year, nominated for Management Book of the Year | Full English AI translation available | Click here for more information


Polarisation - Bart Brandsma

Polarisation is a practical method for professionals to deal with us versus them dynamics in communication, journalism, politics, government, management, education, police and nearly every branche that has to find an answer for the growing polarisation.

Over 7,000 copies sold | Published in English, Spanish, Catalan and Dutch | Click here for more information


Real Men Work 4 Days - Louis Goulmy

The book advocates alternative employment relationships and experimenting with the work week and a universal basic income. It shakes things up in regards to work and income, and the transition we have entered since the COVID pandemic. In Real Men Work 4 Days, Louis Goulmy offers a refreshing look on how we organize work and income. With answers to the most pressing issues of these times.

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Work Has Left the Building - Jitske Kramer

Jitske Kramer wrote Work Has Left the Building during the second Dutch lockdown in October 2020. About how we experienced a collective culture shock with COVID-19 and the impact on our work life. Our timing has been off for months, we are confronted with uncertainties, crisis decisions and the necessity to adapt and change. Working from home became standard overnight which requires more than ‘playing online office at home with makeshift solutions’.

Over 20,000 copies sold | Full English AI translation available | Published in German and Dutch | Click here for more information


Doing Business in Germany - Nina Krockow

Doing business with Germany offers enormous opportunities, if you have a better understanding of the Germans. If you want to do business with them, you will find that they have a different culture than the rest of Europe. This leads to misunderstandings and an unnecessary amount of failed deals.

Over 5,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


EU Superlobby - Milos Labovic

In EU Superlobby, respected lobbyist Milos Labovic outlines various lobbying tactics and strategies that will give you a competitive advantage in the EU bubble. Thanks to this book, the reader can manipulate extensive processes, generate attention for his case and learn to be the linchpin in Brussels. Secrets are revealed and myths are shattered.

Published in English and Dutch | Click here for more information


Free, Equal, and Together - Damaris Matthijsen

Free, Equal, and Together is for everyone who searches for ways to work towards a society that benefits humans and Earth. Will you be kissed awake?

Full English AI translation available | Click here for more information


Hydropolitics - Haroon Sheikh

In Hydropolitics, Haroon Sheikh analyses the dynamics on the seven seas. He describes the relations between powerful countries and powerful maritime nations, between the waters and trade, and the innovative spirit of naval powers. With special attention for the role of the Netherlands and for the changing relations between the USA, a traditional naval force par excellence, and China, a long-established force on land.

English sample translation available | Shortlisted for the 2020 Socrates Philosophy Prize | Click here for more information


Leadership for Women - Marja Wagenaar

Leadership for Women is a complete and clear book filled with practical exercises and inspiring examples, and it is the first book that offers guidance for the complete career cycle of women. Building your reputation, vertical networking, bending the unwritten rules, working strategically, and creating your dream job, all is addressed. A book for women who want to provide for their organization and for themselves.

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Society 4.0 - Bob de Wit

In a concise and powerful book, Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit offers two key aspects for any organization and manager: an insightful interpretation of the current state of the world, and a powerful scenario for our future society, a society built and supported by citizens. Society 4.0, Resolving eight key issues to build a citizens society is meant to provide inspiration for those who wish to build a vital and hopeful future for the next generations.

Turkish rights sold | Over 10,000 copies sold | Full English manuscript available | Click here for more information

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