Bob de Wit - Society 4.0

Resolving eight key issues to build a citizens society


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In a concise and powerful book, Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit offers two key aspects for any organization and manager: an insightful interpretation of the current state of the world, and a powerful scenario for our future society, a society built and supported by citizens.

Society 4.0, Resolving eight key issues to build a citizens society is meant to provide inspiration for those who wish to build a vital and hopeful future for the next generations. In envisioning a different and better society, Bob de Wit explores the emerging possibilities of new technologies, collects and examines ‘weak signals’ and evaluates numerous new societal initiatives and future visions. Bob de Wit aims to inspire readers to join his venture and build a ‘Citizens' Society’. Bob has opened the webpage www.society4th.org to build a citizens' community and create a citizens' society for the future.

Published in December 2020 | Hardcover | 110 pages | ca. 28,000 words
Over 10,000 copies sold
Full English translation available
Turkish rights sold to Tohum Yayincilik
English and Dutch editions published by Vakmedianet

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Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit is affiliated with Nyenrode Business University as Professor in Strategic Leadership, and he is CEO of the strategical consultancy firm Strategy Works, which is specialized in strategy development, research, and consultancy. He previously taught at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he got his PhD, and Maastricht School of Management. Among his numerous publications, his most successful is Strategy, An International Perspective. Its seventh edition was published by Cengage in 2020, an 8th edition is scheduled for 2022, and this book is used at universities and business schools in over 50 countries.


‘This book is a timely warning of the major societal risks posed by technological developments in the long run. Corporate leaders should pay heed to the analyses and observations in this book and take on the responsibility for building a better society.’ – Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende, Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands (2002 – 2010)

‘The world of tomorrow requires us to ‘look differently’ at ourselves today. This book invites you to consider the issues facing us as a society from a new perspective.’ – Trudy Huisman, Chairman of the Economic Board Zwolle Region, former Executive Director of Rabobank

‘Prof. Bob de Wit has written several books already, but with Society 4.0 he embarks on a new journey. With conviction he describes the direction our society is heading in, the effects this movement will have on human labor, and what we can do to prevent a worst-case scenario. Society 4.0 is not just one of the many books in which the author tries to paint a vision for the future, using a crystal ball. It is a clever book, both compact and comprehensive in content, in which the author perfectly fits all the pieces of the puzzle that the reader will be familiar with. This makes for a coherent story with lots of refreshingly new insights. And another feature is that the author doesn’t just analyze recent events, but offers actual solutions. Let’s hope that his Global Citizens Society does not just remains a fictional utopia.’ – Martijn van der Kooij, Chief Editor of PW, Magazine for Human Resources


Chapter 1: Introduction
The Digital Revolution

Chapter 2: A (very) brief history of societies
Society 1.0: The Agrarian Society
Society 2.0: The Trade Society
Leaving the feudal system behind
Market economy
Society 3.0: The Industrial Society

Chapter 3: Society 4.0 - the Digital Wave
Vertical application of digital technologies
Digital wave 4.1: The societal consequences
Combining digital technologies with machines
Combining digital technologies with markets
Combining digital technologies with nature
Artificial intelligence wave 4.2: The societal consequences
Combining artificial intelligence with computing
Combining artificial intelligence with machines
Combining artificial intelligence with markets
Combining artificial intelligence with nature

Chapter 4: The Fourth Societal Revolution or ‘just’ a Fourth Industrial Revolution?
Transforming societies and the global economy
Economic value distribution
Tax evasion consequences
Undemocratic decision-making
Strengthened societal factor ‘capital’

Chapter 5: Eight Key Issues for the Societal Revolution
The Corona butterfly
Issue 1 Rethinking the nation-state concept
Issue 2 Rethinking the governance of societies
Issue 3 Rethinking world governance
Issue 4 Rethinking industrial capitalism
Issue 5 Rethinking income distribution
Issue 6 Rethinking labour
Issue 7 Rethinking human life
Issue 8 Rethinking natural living

Chapter 6: The Elite Reset Society
Stakeholder capitalism?
Issue 1 (Rethinking the nation-state concept): Divide and rule
Issue 2 (Rethinking the governance of societies): Societal control
Issue 3 (Rethinking world governance): World government
Issue 4 (Rethinking industrial capitalism): Oligarchical capitalism
Issue 5 (Rethinking income distribution): Elite haves
Issue 6 (Rethinking labour): Resource optimisation
Issue 7 (Rethinking human life): Elite upgrade
Issue 8 (Rethinking natural living): Coalition of the winning

Chapter 7: The Glocal Citizens Society
Issue 1 (Rethinking the nation-state concept): Glocal citizen communities
Issue 2 (Rethinking the governance of societies): Swarm intelligence decisions
Issue 3 (Rethinking world governance): Honourable humans
Issue 4 (Rethinking industrial capitalism): Community currencies
Issue 5 (Rethinking income distribution): Equal just-right
Issue 6 (Rethinking labour): Producing consumers
Issue 7 (Rethinking human life): Human rights
Issue 8 (Rethinking natural living): Natural harmony

Chapter 8: Invitation to all readers for suggestions

Resumé Bob de Wit

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Turkish translation published by Tohum Yayincilik:

Toplum 4.0/ Bir Vatandaş Toplumu Kurmak için Sekiz Temel Sorunu Çözmek kitabı, gelecek nesiller için yaşam dolu ve umutlu bir gelecek yaratmak isteyenlere ilham olması için yazıldı. Daha farklı ve daha iyi bir toplum tasavvur ederken, yazar Bob de Wit yeni teknolojilerin getirdiği olasılıkları araştırıyor, “zayıf sinyal”leri topluyor ve irdeliyor ve ayrıca çok sayıda yeni toplumsa inisiyatif ve gelecek vizyonunun bir değerlendirmesini yapıyor. Bob de Wit okurlarına onun Vatandaş Toplumu kurma yolculuğuna katılması için ilham vermeyi amaçlıyor.

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