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Winning in Brussels


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An indispensable guide for anyone who wants to win in Brussels.

Supporters and opponents of the European Union agree. Brussels is the place where the most important political decisions are taken. But how can your organization make an impact on European policies without getting lost in the Brussels labyrinth? In EU Superlobby, respected lobbyist Milos Labovic outlines various lobbying tactics and strategies that will give you a competitive advantage in the EU bubble. Thanks to this book, the reader can manipulate extensive processes, generate attention for his case and learn to be the linchpin in Brussels. Secrets are revealed and myths are shattered.

EU Superlobby is written for everyone who wants to lobby successfully in Brussels: lobbyists, civil servants, managers, journalists, administrators, students, and representatives of associations and trade associations. The book features contributions of the greatest experts in the field of European affairs.

Published in February 2017 | Paperback | 276 pages | ca. 41,000 words
Full English translation available

World English rights sold to John Harper Publishing
Dutch edition published by Management Impact

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Milos Labovic is an EU specialist in the Dutch House of Representatives. He previously was a lobbyist in Brussels on behalf of the Dutch province of Zeeland and he is the founder of EUKNOWHOW.eu.



Part I: Building Your Superlobby
1. Europe doesn’t matter: why would you or wouldn’t you lobby in Brussels?
2. A Superlobby starts at home
3. Learn from your mistakes
4. Know what you want and write it down
5. Organizing your back office: get a Super intern

Part II: Know the animals in the EU-jungle
6. The European Commission
7. The European Parliament
8. The Council and Permanent Representation
9. All the other lobbyists

Part III: Master the process
10. Impact assessments
11. Codecision: the easy guide
12. International trade: all you need to know about anti-dumping
13. Lobbying on the European Parliament’s initiative
14. Delegated acts and implementing acts

Part IV: Shortcuts to success
15. Lobbying in the European elections
16. How to organize a great lobby event
17. How to organize a study visit with impact
18. How to obtain Euro billions
19. How to monitor the Euro information tsunami
20. How to build a super network in Brussels
21. How to get media attention for your European interests
22. How to stop a European legislative proposal
23. How to lobby in Brussels through your national capital

About the author

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English translation published by John Harper Publishing:

In Brussels lobbying is the oil that makes the wheels go round. No institution, no member state, no political group, no special interest can push a policy through unaided. Everyone needs allies, and everyone needs to lobby. But while Brussels has many lobbyists – only Washington is said to compare − only a few operate on the level of the superlobbyist.

Step by step, and with many revealing and candid anecdotes of his own successes and failures, Brussels public affairs specialist Milos Labovic shows what is needed to raise your game to superlobbyist level. “Knowing the animals in the EU jungle”, understanding how the legislative process works and when and how to engage, building your networks strategically – these are among the keys to success. The book includes extra insights from numerous contributors as varied as Herman Van Rompuy, Frits Bolkestein, Richard Corbett, Eva Maydell, Emilio De Capitani and many others.

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