Nina Krockow - Doing Business in Germany

A successful international business strategy using the ENTER method


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Doing business with Germany offers enormous opportunities, if you have a better understanding of the Germans. If you want to do business with them, you will find that they have a different culture than the rest of Europe. This leads to misunderstandings and an unnecessary amount of failed deals.

If you want to be successful in doing business with the Germans, you need to comply with the demands of your German business partners and their consumers. Many companies sell products and services at their national standards, but that is not what the German expect. They are counting on Made for Germany – good isn’t good enough, they want excellence.

This books offers insight into the world of German managers, entrepreneurs, and consumers, and describes five practical steps with which you can do business in Germany successfully. The ENTER method offers the opportunity to open the doors to one of the strongest economies of Europe and a sales market of over eighty million consumers.

Published in October 2011 | Paperback | 288 pages | ca. 68,000 words
Over 5,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Nina Krockow is a German-Dutch consultant and knows like no other what to do to be a successful entrepreneur in Germany. She advises Dutch companies and trains managers and sales executives in preparation for successful marketing.


‘This is useful stuff. Krockow offers tips for personal meetings and for the marketing and an online approach of the German market. Not just useful for business, also fun to read.’ – Dagblad van het Noorden

‘Highly practical. Nina Krockow drew from twenty years of personal and professional experience as German in the Netherlands for her book. Her ENTER method is a simple and practical step-by-step blueprint for making successful deals in Germany.’ – Businessforbusiness.nl


1. Introduction
2. Mentality differences
3. Stereotypes and reality
4. Communication and language
5. Values and norms
6. Cultural difference in a business context
7. The universal ENTER method
8. ENTER Germany online
9. ENTER Germany offline
10. ENTER the German management
11. ENTER the German consumer market
12. ENTER the German conversation with businessmen

Literature and citation
Recommended reading
Living, working, and education in Germany

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