Pitch to Win - David Beckett

David Beckett has coached over 700 startups to raise over €170 million in investment. And he has trained thousands of professionals in innovation teams at companies like Google, Unilever, Booking.com and PwC. He is also a TEDx speech coach.

Published in English, German and Dutch | Winner of a Bronze eLit Medal for e-books | Click here for more information


180 Business Hacks - Roel de Graaf

Advisor Roel de Graaf (first name is pronounced as 'Rule') summarizes his consults in Business Hacks, a telling illustration with a short explanation. These work so well, he was compelled to select the 180 best Hacks over nine categories. Instant inspiration.

Published in Dutch and German | Click here for more information


The Art of Designing Behaviour - Astrid Groenewegen

This book is both a masterclass and a toolbox combined. You are trained in an accessible method, and will learn what principles and mechanisms you may use in order to stimulate desirable behaviour. Before you know it, you’ll be bursting with ideas in order to have a pleasant go at tackling your problem and helping people to make better choices.

Full English translation available | Click here for more information


Doing Business in Germany - Nina Krockow

Doing business with Germany offers enormous opportunities, if you have a better understanding of the Germans. If you want to do business with them, you will find that they have a different culture than the rest of Europe. This leads to misunderstandings and an unnecessary amount of failed deals.

Over 5,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Pricing Power - Joris Smits

Pricing Power is the first pricing book that answers this question in a simple and practical manner, making it directly applicable in your company. Whether you’re an tech-entrepreneur or leading a multinational corporation, this book is a must read.

Over 30,000 copies sold | Full English translation available | Click here for more information


Good Talk - Daniel Stillman

'A rich, thoughtful and useful handbook for designing conversations that create meaningful change.' - Dave Gray, co-author of Gamestorming

'An intriguing examination of a form of communication that’s often taken for granted.' - Kirkus Review

Published in English | Click here for more information


TopService for Demanding Customers - Jean-Pierre Thomassen & Dennis Opstal

Six practical principles will improve your game in this top sport. Not the obvious tricks that display insincerity, but guidelines for authentic service. With practical examples and guide rules, you will get a grip on your strong points and improvement goals, and find the inspiration to strive for excellent customer service.

Full English translation available | Click here for more information


Guestology 2.0 - Vincent Vermeulen

Guestology 2.0 presents a six-step methodology that can bring the customer experience DNA of every organization to life. For this approach, the input of all stakeholders (management, customers, and team) is crucial, and the desired result is an excellent customer journey, tailor-made for the organization in question.

Full English translation available | Click here for more information


Attention Marketing - Klaas Weima

How do you make your message stand out as a marketeer? People will only devote their scarce attention to the brands that truly enrich their lives. With recent scientific research and real-life examples, Klaas Weima shows how you can get attention for your brand. This results in less waste in marketing efforts, happier customers and a better business results.

English sample translation available | Shortlisted for the PIM Marketing Literature Prize | Click here for more information


Online Influence - Bas Wouters & Joris Groen

How do you turn visitors into buyers? And dropouts into sign-ups? Cleverly applying behavioral psychology will massively increase the results of your website, app, or online campaign. Psychologist and web designer Joris Groen and persuasion guru Bas Wouters explain in detail what works and what doesn't – and why.

Over 7,000 copies sold | Published in English and Dutch | Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Russian rights sold | Click here for more information


You Are What You Drive - Erwin Wijman

Of course you can explain why you bought a Peugeot. You buy a car with emotions and can defend its purchase with rational arguments. But there is no choice, you are your car. Your car is auto guide, marketing folder, psychology book, and story book all in one. It doesn’t feature technical specifications, consumption figures, and other horsepower porn. This is also for women!

Over 5,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Marketing Design - Eveline van Zeeland

This is Customer Journey Mapping with a hint of Neuromarketing and a heavy dose of Design Thinking. This book emphasizes both the analysis and the designing of practical solutions and the actions that should follow. Not just the analysis, but especially the designing, because designing is the essence of marketing.

Winner of the PIM Marketing Literature Prize 2020 | Ukrainian rights sold | Click here for more information


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