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The practical guide to profitable growth


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Building pricing power is the most effective way to higher profits. 1% price increase typically results in a 4-7% profit increase. This makes price the most important profit lever. But how can you increase prices without losing customers to competition?

Pricing Power is the first pricing book that answers this question in a simple and practical manner, making it directly applicable in your company. Whether you’re an tech-entrepreneur or leading a multinational corporation, this book is a must read.

In his book, Joris Smits guides you step by step using a variety of cases, examples, illustrations and clear tips and tricks. Central theme in the book is how to set prices based on perceived value.

Published in April 2022 | Paperback | 208 pages | ca. 40,000 words
Full English manuscript available
Over 30,000 copies sold
English and Dutch editions published by Haystack

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Joris Smits is a passionate pricing expert who supported numerous companies in a variety of industries in improving their pricing policies. His mission is helping companies getting the best possible price for the value they deliver. Joris has a background in pricing and strategy consulting and currently holds the position of Global Strategic Pricing Capability Leader at Cargill Inc.


“Joris Smits has written the book we’ve all been waiting for. Pricing Power is complete, accessible and practical.” – Gert Jan van der Hoeven, Founder and Managing Partner, H2 Equity Partners

“Very well written book with simple tips to improve your pricing strategy. The shortest route to profitability! The practical questions at the end of each chapter help you get going immediately.” – Jeroen Peters, CEO of Mennens, Market leader in Lifting & Construction Equipment

Pricing Power contains a large number of cases, examples, illustrations and useful tips for entrepreneurs, marketers and salespeople in B2C and B2B to get started right away.” – Managementboek.nl

“In a crystal-clear scheme, the author shows that price is the factor with the most impact on the profitability of your product or service. Stop tinkering with volume and costs and see if your price could be the first thing you should fix. The book is written as a practical and easy to understand guide book on how to start using your pricing power. Pricing Power is relevant for all sectors and for organizations large and small.” – Wardy Poelstra

“A strong pricing policy is the best way to turn your company into a profit-making machine. Don’t let the market dictate your prices and make sure that your customers are willing to pay what you ask them to. This is the message of Pricing Power. It offers a wide array of functional and psychological tools to influence the rational and emotional customer, with more commercial success as its result.” – Sjors van Leeuwen



Chapter 1, Price the most important driver for profit
Chapter 2, The foundation, always determine the price based on value
Chapter 3, Diversify your prices, one size fits all doesn’t work
Chapter 4, Use price anchors to be relatively cheap
Chapter 5, Use charm pricing and other psychological pricing techniques to appear cheaper
Chapter 6, Tier your prices to sell more of the same
Chapter 7, Bundle your prices to increase the average expenses of your clients
Chapter 8, Use dynamic pricing to get the most out of it
Chapter 9, Innovate your pricing model to stay relevant
Chapter 10, Raise your conversion with value-based price communication
Chapter 11, Always make pricing big deals a Big Deal
Chapter 12, Make pricing power a priority of your long term company strategy
Chapter 13, Put pricing in the right place within your processes and organization

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