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This is Customer Journey Mapping with a hint of Neuromarketing and a heavy dose of Design Thinking. This book emphasizes both the analysis and the designing of practical solutions and the actions that should follow. Not just the analysis, but especially the designing, because designing is the essence of marketing.

Marketing is not about understanding your customers, but about designing creative solutions for your customers. Of course you need to learn your customer and the context before you can design the solution. And you learn this by Customer Journey Mapping and we use context scans to map the context. Without losing our curiosity, this book focuses on the designing and creative character of marketing.

This book is filled with practical tools, inspiring designs, useful instruments, step-by-step plans, special cases, and substantive in-depth courses. It not only encourages thinking, but inspires the reader to actually create.

Published in December 2019 | Paperback | 240 pages | ca. 50,000 words
Winner of the PIM Marketing Literature Prize 2020

Ukrainian rights sold to ArtHuss
Dutch edition published by Management Impact

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Eveline van Zeeland is an expert on neuromarketing. She studied Economy, Psychology, and has been promoted at the Engineering Technology faculty of the Twente University. Her multidisciplinary background makes her a creative thinker. Eveline is driven by the human factor – what motivates and moves people, why do they pick up or ignore things, and how they react to their environment. She taught Smart Marketing and Strategy at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences and wrote The Guide Book Neuromarketing and Marketing Design. She is a renowned speaker on neuromarketing and design thinking.


Marketing Design combines design thinking and marketing and motivates you to think creatively and in a problem solving manner, by visualizing marketing issues in models. The book is filled with tools that can map the buying process as clear as possible, and with examples that show that improvements could best be made in a design-driven process, instead of only based on analysis. The book is a plea for a more creative customer journey and includes a step-by-step model to achieve this. It makes for a practical book that urges us to act creatively, from designing to creating and it is a breath of fresh air for marketeers in times of purpose, conversion ratio’s, and database management. The positive tone makes this a enjoyable book to read, and the landscape format, flexible cover, many photo’s, and with a new method every two pages, allow you to go through the book at high speed. It is like a fairground, where you would like to in every attraction at the same time, but feel it is hard to make a choice, but you definitely don’t want to wait any longer and want to start right away. Inspiring for strategists, business developers, and visionaries like communication managers and product managers.’
Jeanine Dijkhuis, register marketeer and marketing generalist in Marketingfacts

‘A beautiful book on combining design thinking with the customer journey. The book is filled abundantly with theory, practical examples, and tools. And the many photos are very useful.’
Elly Stroo Cloeck, project- and interim-manager for Finance and Risk Management on Managementboek.nl

Marketing Design is well-written and beautifully designed book, between a management book and a textbook. Filled with practical tools, models, schemes, methods, examples, cases, and assignments. One of the best customer journey mapping books I have read, a successful combination of neuromarketing, customer experience, and design thinking.’
Sjors van Leeuwen, CRM and marketing advisor and author of numerous books on health care marketing and agile working on Managementboek.nl


The team
A personal story

Design example: the smiley
Where design and marketing meet
Design example: an old design in a fresh format

1.1 Essence of marketing
1.2 Marketing Design
1.3 Customer Journey Mapping
1.4 The neuromarketing perspective

2.1 Step 1: The scope
2.2 Step 2: The possible touchpoints
2.3 Step 3: Quantify touchpoints
2.4 Step 4: The current situation from the organization’s perspective
2.5 Step 5: The current situation from the customer’s perspective
2.6 Step 6: Customer Journey analysis
2.7 Step 7: Design the new situation
2.8 Step 8: The Strategic Action Map
2.9 The iteration

3.1 The MIO-matrix
3.2 Macro scan: the DESTEP-model
3.3 Competitors scan
3.4 Competition scan
3.5 Organization scan: the Fit-Stop-model
3.6 B2B versus B2C
3.7 Goods versus services
3.8 Profit versus non-profit
3.9 Gamechanger scan
3.10 Target group scan
3.11 Culture scan
3.12 Ethical scan

Epilogue: you are a designer
About the author

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