Ton Speet, Lisa van Rossum & Maxime van Winden - The Strategy Canvas

Working on a Strategy That Works


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Make solid strategic choices and don’t let success become a coincidence

Does the strategy of your organization result in a lack of competitive advantage? Does the strategy provide insufficient direction? And do your employees lack focus on key priorities? The Strategy Canvas offers the solution.

The Strategy Canvas

Most organizations are convinced that their strategy is crystal clear, but reality is less sunny. The Strategy Canvas offers you guidance in making conscious, well-funded, and solid strategic decisions, thereby matching the competences of your organization with the market developments and needs. Decisions that secure organizational purpose, the reason why the organization exists. In an approachable way, the authors lead you through the four phases in formulating your strategy: Define, Analyze, Match, and Decide.

Process of Strategy Formulation

Strategy formulation should not be considered a linear process, as you will feel the need to move between the various phases of the canvas. As long as the decisions you make are well-considered and consistent, and naturally fit together. The authors provide insight by giving many examples, and practical do’s and don’ts from their broad personal professional experience.

Working on a Strategy That Works

Being a director, manager, strategist or management consultant, The Strategy Canvas provides you a powerful tool. In a practical way, The Strategy Canvas helps you to achieve a sustainable competitive strategy, supported by your stakeholders. A strategy that provides clear and distinctive direction to your organization and thus offers a lever for change.

Published in October 2021 | Hardcover | Fully illustrated | 136 pages | ca. 22,000 words
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers Amsterdam

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Ton Speet has been working as strategy consultant for 30 years and is cofounder of Ten Have Change Management. He previously worked for Deloitte and Berenschot, as management consultant and manager. He got his Master’s Degree in Business Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Ton Speet also wrote PDO+, Entrepreneurship With Professionals, about strategy formulation and execution in professional service firms.

Lisa van Rossum is management consultant. She got her Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the Open University of Amsterdam and joined Ten Have Change Management in 2013. Lisa also is co-author of The Change Canvas, a practical book for executives and managers who want to realize purposive change, which was published in German and Dutch.

Maxime van Winden is management consultant. She got her Master’s Degree in Strategic Human Resource Management at the Utrecht University and joined Ten Have Change Management in 2017.


‘In a fast-changing world, an effective strategy is more important than ever. The Strategy Canvas helps you to create such a strategy. It is a practical book with clear examples.’
Sjors van Leeuwen, advisor, author and speaker on customer-driven entrepreneurship, strategy, and marketing

The Strategy Canvas aims to create some order in the chaos of models and canvases. The authors succeed in presenting all aspects of strategy in seven building blocks, in this compact publication. The true strength is in the combinations of the different tools and a clear sign when to use which tool. The book is carefully designed and offers many examples, making the book easy to read. If you struggle with starting formulating a strategy, or get stuck in the execution process, this book is a great help.’
Rick Lindeman, facilitator and design thinker, and founder and owner of the Facilitation Studio



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