Norbert Greveling & Roland Bushoff - Strategic Managing in a Turbulent World

Learning how to make your organization future-proof


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A new and refreshing approach for managers, advisors and students with challenging terminology and insights to make organizations future-proof.

This book describes a new paradigm about strategic managing. Aimed at leaders to keep a future-proof course in turbulent times by making the right strategic choices for their organization. Well-known strategy models and approaches for strategy development are hardly applicable for making and implementing strategic choices in the current age of increasing turbulence and disruption.

With years of experience as manager, consultant and professor in strategic management, Norbert Greveling and Roland Bushoff share a holistic way of looking at organizations and a new way of thinking about being future-proof, a clear task for leaders and a dynamic way of working, while keeping a future-proof course. An inspiring book with which the authors offer practical tools for managers that want to strengthen the future of their organizations. New insights and views on strategic management are complemented with telling examples and the authors provide a clear context for the well-known strategy models and theories. You can start using the methodology today.

Published in December 2018 | Paperback | 296 pages | ca. 105,000 words
Full English translation available
English and Dutch editions published by Management Impact

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Norbert Greveling PhD, is a strategy consultant who advises management boards on strategic issues and guides them during the implementation of proposed strategic changes and initiatives. Over the years, he has supported over a hundred organizations in the profit sector and health care, both large and small, international and local. In recent years an important focus has been on making organizations more future-proof, with major attention being paid to strategic cooperation and innovation.

Norbert works as an independent management consultant through Business Fit-ality BV, a consultancy firm he founded in 2004. Before he established himself as an entrepreneur, he was a senior partner at the Dutch consulting firm Twynstra Gudde for a few years. Before that, he worked for IBM Netherlands, where he was managing principal of the IBM Consulting Group. Since 2013 he has been a lecturer in the field of strategic management at Business School Netherlands, in the DBA program in China and the MiniMBA program in The Netherlands. He studied Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Eindhoven University of Technology. There he also received his PhD on the subject of IT strategy. He has several publications to his name, including a few management books on strategic management.

Roland Bushoff MSc, supports organizations in making strategic choices and implementing strategic changes. He has major experience in the financial sector, with the emphasis of his assignments often being on the redesigning of organizations, making business operations more efficient and strengthening the commercial focus. Roland feels very involved with the organizations he advises and combines a pragmatic approach with a strong theoretical foundation. In addition, he believes in combining the design and implementation of changes.

Roland works as a management consultant at Voogt Pijl & Partners and worked for many years as a partner at Twynstra Gudde. He is also an associate professor for strategic management at Business School Netherlands, where he is a lecturer in the MBA program. Moreover, he has now guided hundreds of managers in their graduation stage. Roland studied Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is (co-)author of various publications in the field of strategic management.


'This book provides a contemporary approach for strategic management. It deals with the intense dynamics that leaders are facing when working on the future success of their organization. The authors introduce adequate and practical theories, models and tools for leaders to work with. We have selected this book as the core material for the strategic management courses in our MBA programs, worldwide.'
Marcel van der Ham, dean Business School Nederland



1 Introduction

Part I Strategic managing

2 Strategic perspectives
3 Future-proofing of organizations
4 Strategic managing

Part II Strategic choices

5 Motives
6 Foundation
7 Playing field
8 Activities
9 Results
10 Coherent overall choice

Part III Strategic managing in practice

11 Strategic managing
12 Directing

A Methodology
B Strategic managing glossary
About the authors

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