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Everything you need to know to better understand and influence people


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Nothing beats a personal conversation. But you often mistake the smooth talk and blue eyes of your conversation partner. Get rid of the lies, the doubts, and wrong impressions, and discover how you can see faultlessly through people with body language.

Body language expert Frank van Marwijk knows like no other the meaning of the signals we broadcast unconsciously. He knows what people means with their posture, gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice. After reading this book, filled with stories and useful tips, you don’t have to doubt your judgment anymore:

  • He says he agrees, but does he really?
  • The job interview went fine, right?
  • She is the right person for the job. According to her.
  • He says it never happened before. Is that right?

Published in October 2017 | Paperback | 320 pages | ca. 75,000 words
Over 5,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Frank van Marwijk is the Netherlands’ premier body language expert. He provides training and lectures, and wrote the bestsellers Don’t Be Afraid to Manipulate, Manipulation at Work, and The Big Book of Compliments. He is a media darling and has analyzed the behavior of countless Dutch VIPs.


‘I love this book. There is so much interesting information that has been put to paper in a readable way. It was fascinating from the beginning to the final page and after reading it, I have been viewing my colleagues at meetings in a different light.’ – ConniesBoekkies.nl

‘The author is a body language expert and tries to show the reader the ins and outs of this topic. Using scientific research, real-life experiences, and specific exercises you get a step-by-step introduction on how to apply body language in everyday situations. How do you feign sadness? How can you show that you are listening? And how can you observe and interpret specific situations? These questions and others are addressed in this scientific funded yet easy to read book. With its information easy to apply in real-life. The explanations on body-specific expressions are supplemented with clear illustrations, giving you a clear image about how you can interpret the theory in practice. Understanding this form of communication can contribute to a higher level of influence and insights in both the public as the private domain.’ – Dutch Library Services



Chapter 1. Body language, the first language we all speak
Chapter 2. The all-important first impression
Chapter 3. Attention!
Chapter 4. Where is your head at?
Chapter 5. I spy with my little eye…
Chapter 6. Talking with your hands
Chapter 7. High five
Chapter 8. Your face speaks volumes
Chapter 9. Feeling good
Chapter 10. Laughter is healthy
Chapter 11. In a good mood
Chapter 12. Windows of the soul
Chapter 13. Up close and far away
Chapter 14. We can’t function without touch
In closing: How well do you talk body language?

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