Pitch to Win - David Beckett

David Beckett has coached over 700 startups to raise over €170 million in investment. And he has trained thousands of professionals in innovation teams at companies like Google, Unilever, Booking.com and PwC. He is also a TEDx speech coach.

Published in English, German and Dutch | Winner of a Bronze eLit Medal for e-books | Click here for more information


Intervision - Monique Bellersen & Inez Kohlmann

Intervision is about how to use intervision as a learning and development tool for individuals, teams and organizations. It will introduce beginners to a method that gives fast results, takes little time to learn, and can be used by any group in any organization. For the more advanced readers, the book fine-tunes intervision to make a deeper contribution to your own development and that of the organization for which you work.

Published in English, Hungarian and Dutch | Over 7,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Picture This! - Espérance Blaauw

54 unique pictures that bring the world inside in all her rough beauty. These association cards challenge you to express emotions in words and think up new ideas, and they promote creativity.

Published in English and Dutch | Click here for more information


Podcasting for Communication Professionals - Glenn van der Burg

With Podcasting For Communication Professionals you quickly learn how to develop, produce, promote, and broadcast your podcast. The unique Podcast Canvas helps you develop a one-page plan with every aspect that are relevant for a successful business podcast.

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Polarisation - Bart Brandsma

Polarisation is a practical method for professionals to deal with us versus them dynamics in communication, journalism, politics, government, management, education, police and nearly every branche that has to find an answer for the growing polarisation.

Over 7,000 copies sold | Published in English, Spanish, Catalan and Dutch | Click here for more information


End of Discussion - Roland de Bruijn & Fons Trompenaars

With End of Discussion and the accompanying online environment you will learn how to successfully take direction in conversations, explore the different opinions, integrate apparent contradictions, and guide the development and innovation.

Full English translation available | Click here for more information


How-to-Book for Coaching - Joost Crasborn & Ellis Buis

The How-to-Book For Coaching is one of the best-selling Dutch coaching titles. It teaches you how to start a good confrontation? How do you respond to stress? How do you broaden ones perspective? How do you work with polarities? And how do you do nothing? In thirty How-to’s, you read example dialogues, questionnaires, conversational models and checklists. In addition, the authors have introduced a solid vision on coaching.

Over 45,000 copies sold | Shortlisted for Management Book of the Year | Click here for more information


The Big Working Methods Book Volume 1 - Sasja Dirkse & Angela Talen

The Big Working Methods Book is intended for managers and trainers who enjoy directing meetings and want to be inspired to vary their approach in order to discuss the content of their meetings effectively. The book is aimed at enthusiastic leaders, trainers, and teachers who wish to make their conversations more interactive, and want to have answers for the different wishes and preferences of their participants.

Over 60,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Have I Got Dirt For You - Dominique J. Darmon

Have I Got Dirt For You is filled with scientific insights, real-life examples, and gossip situations from movies, series, and literature. With the help of this book you will learn everything about this inevitable form of communication. And about all the aspects that have an important role in the art of gossiping: finding the perfect balance is the key to success.

Full English manuscript available | Rights sold for English, Russian, and Dutch | Awarded a Silver Medal by the Axiom Business Book Awards, shortlisted by the Order for Organization Advisors | Great reviews in Financial Times and Kirkus | Click here for more information


Influence Others, Start With Yourself - Bert van Dijk

Influence Others, Start With Yourself uses Leary’s Rose interaction model to give you an insight into the different communication processes. Leary’s Rose is a schematic reproduction of different ways of behaving and the effect this has on other people. With the help of exercises you learn how you can choose to behave differently, how you can manage each situation and obtain the result that you want and still accept the other person for who they are.

Over 50,000 copies sold | Published in English, Chinese and Dutch | Click here for more information


The Anti-Complaining Book - Bart Flos

For most people, the glass is always half-empty. They start complaining about the heat on the first day of spring, and every time their salary is raised they start yakking about the new car of the neighbors. Sounds familiar? Then use your natural optimism and eliminate the complaining culture, at home and at work.

Full English AI translation available | Over 15,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Decisions by Design - Marjolijn de Graaf & Edwin de Graaf

Decisions by Design is a simple and powerful tool to achieve active participation and the best and the most sustainable decisions. Four design steps lead you as game changer in a collaborative and interactive manner with all stakeholders to crucial and supported decisions which acknowledges all different perspectives and truths.

Published in German and Dutch | Click here for more information


180 Business Hacks - Roel de Graaf

Advisor Roel de Graaf (first name is pronounced as 'Rule') summarizes his consults in Business Hacks, a telling illustration with a short explanation. These work so well, he was compelled to select the 180 best Hacks over nine categories. Instant inspiration.

Published in Dutch and German, World English sold | Click here for more information


The Art of Designing Behaviour - Astrid Groenewegen

This book is both a masterclass and a toolbox combined. You are trained in an accessible method, and will learn what principles and mechanisms you may use in order to stimulate desirable behaviour. Before you know it, you’ll be bursting with ideas in order to have a pleasant go at tackling your problem and helping people to make better choices.

Full English translation available | Click here for more information


Practical Guide Online Meetings - Rob de Haas

Meeting Design Expert Rob de Haas considers online meetings like a new trick for all of us. A great opportunity to take a fresh approach on meetings. Online meetings break with existing meeting structures and has its own set of rules.

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DISC From A to Z - Peter Haenraets & Hans van Elewout

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are at the wrong wavelength if you are talking with people? Perhaps you are right, because everyone is different. Some are assertive, others are introvert. You need to know why people act like they do, to have a better understanding.

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The Dirty Tricks of Negotiating - George van Houtem

It might be for a contract worth millions of dollars or just for your kid's allowance. Whether you like it or not, you negotiate every day of your life. But do you really know what you are doing? Do you know the rules of the game, or are you just winging it? After a deal has been struck, most people feel like they got the short-end of the stick, or sometimes like they have been cheated or tricked.

Over 25,000 copies sold | Full English translation available | Click here for more information


Meet Your Inner Family - Arienne Klijn

It is time to meet the shields of your inner family. The model works very easy: everyone has an inner family (boy, girl, man, woman) and if you understand how to deal with your family and the families of others, you will understand and change yourself and others much easier.

Over 12,000 copies sold | Full English translation available | Click here for more information


Jam Cultures - Jitske Kramer

‘Kramer sets out a clear path for better understanding and more inclusive cultures.’ – Financial Times

To solve complex problems, we need multiple angles and perspectives. And the courage to challenge our status quo by working with people who think differently. Inclusion is about co-creation. About the courage to invite people from various backgrounds to the table and to listen to all views. It requires us to deal with opposing forces to reach the highest goals.

Shortlisted for Management Book of the Year | Published in English and Dutch | Over 5,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Body Language - Frank van Marwijk

Nothing beats a personal conversation. But you often mistake the smooth talk and blue eyes of your conversation partner. Get rid of the lies, the doubts, and wrong impressions, and discover how you can see faultlessly through people with body language.

Over 5,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Don't Be Afraid to Manipulate - Frank van Marwijk

Do you know the feeling people don’t listen to you? Do you have a hard time getting your message across? It’s time you learn how to manipulate better! Develop more self-confidence and control for everyday situations by researching the subtle secrets of body language. Discover how you achieve more in business and personal relations.

Over 30,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Driven by Dialogue - Floor de Ruiter

If fear is driving us apart, dialogue will bring us together. Forget all you have ever learned about communication and the objective to carry across a goal, message or image as effectively as possible. Instead, rely on your natural talents and the realization that true communication begins with empathy.

Full English manuscript available | Click here for more information


TopTeams - Katja Staartjes & Menno Boermans

TopTeams is a unique cooperation between author Katja Staartjes and photographer Menno Boermans. Their experiences, texts and images produces valuable insights and inspiration on leadership, teamwork and change management. Katja Staartjes was the first Dutch woman to reach the top of Mount Everest and has leaded small expeditions in the Himalayas ever since.

Over 5,000 copies sold | Shortlisted for Management Book of the Year | Click here for more information


Risk Dialogue - Martin van Staveren

Risk Dialogue makes it easy for every manager and professional to effectively deal with complexity and uncertainty, making time-consuming and dull risk sessions become redundant. For everyone who wants to make a valuable contribution to complex issues like sustainability, safety, profitability, and well-being in a dynamic world.

Full English translation available | Click here for more information


Good Talk - Daniel Stillman

'A rich, thoughtful and useful handbook for designing conversations that create meaningful change.' - Dave Gray, co-author of Gamestorming

'An intriguing examination of a form of communication that’s often taken for granted.' - Kirkus Review

Published in English | Click here for more information


Guidebook Human Recharging Spaces - Renate van der Veen

Why are you bursting with energy from one meeting and drained from another? What is the difference between a regular gathering and a memorable convention? An unforgettable party, a wonderful evening with friends, a memorable conversation, or a valuable meeting.

Full English AI-translation available | Click here for more information


I Know I'm Right - Ido van der Waal & Noks Nauta

This book aims to create more awareness of the positive meaning of disagreements but also of the consequences of often unnecessarily escalated conflicts. And the book offers ways to learn from these situations and to prevent escalation and damage. The way gifted people handle conflict can be life defining at an early age.

Full English manuscript available | Click here for more information


Attention Marketing - Klaas Weima

How do you make your message stand out as a marketeer? People will only devote their scarce attention to the brands that truly enrich their lives. With recent scientific research and real-life examples, Klaas Weima shows how you can get attention for your brand. This results in less waste in marketing efforts, happier customers and a better business results.

Full English AI and sample translations available | Shortlisted for the PIM Marketing Literature Prize | Click here for more information


Now We're Talking - Frank Weijers

Now We’re Talking! provides a practical approach for the Deep Democracy tools. What to do as a facilitator and what not to do? What is the language you want to use? With this book you will know what to do as a facilitator of group processes, also in the heat of the moment.

Over 16,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Leading With Obeya - Tim Wiegel

Leading With Obeya is the first comprehensive book about how to do it right. Tim Wiegel is a dedicated Obeya coach who has witnessed firsthand the breakthrough changes within teams when strategy leads to meaningful action and performance. 'Leading With Obeya is an engaging read to making the transition from traditional to visual management possible.' - Patrick van der Pijl, CEO Business Models Inc., speaker, author of Design a Better Business and Business Model Shift, producer of Business Model Generation

Published in English, German and Dutch, rights sold for Italian and Chinese | Click here for more information

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