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Communicating well starts with an understanding for the differences between people. If you want to improve your communication and behavior, you cannot ignore the DISC method.

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are at the wrong wavelength if you are talking with people? Perhaps you are right, because everyone is different. Some are assertive, others are introvert. You need to know why people act like they do, to have a better understanding.

If you use the DISC method, it will become much easier to understand one another. You can immediately recognize Red people (target-driven), Yellow (interactive), Green (stable), and Blue (conforming). In this book, you not only read what DISC is and how the DISC method works, but also how you can align your communication style to the people around you. Read how you can apply DISC for team dynamics, leadership, and sales, and discover all that the world of DISC has to offer you.

Published in September 2021 | Paperback | 184 pages | ca. 38,000 words
Over 2,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Peter Haenraets and Hans van Elewout are founders and owners of the DISC Academy institute. They teach trainers, coaches, managers, human resource business partners, and other professionals how they can best use DISC to improve the communication (in organizations), and translate it in a common language.


'Clear illustrations and graphics, examples, and useful case studies. A very practical book for professionals and students, suitable for communication professionals and managers in other sectors. Actually, the book is useful for all managers who lead a small or larger team with various types of people. Immediately applicable.' – Dutch Library Services

'The authors rightfully stress that no one is merely a D, I, S, or C, but we all have our preferences in which one person may be more outspoken than another. The key is to have the ability to adapt your communication to one another. The authors call this the Alignment Quotient and make a convincing plea to hire managers with a high AQ. This can make the difference for organizations, teams, and individuals.' – Proistamenos

'With its friendly tone of voice and style, it is an accessible book that is easy to read. It continues to captivate and has a powerful content. I am really happy with this book, as it provides me with tools and teaches me to understand (again and still) the people around me better, and myself. I am a fan!' – Managementboek.nl


Chapter 1, What is the real color of the chameleon?
Chapter 2, Four friends traveling
Chapter 3, Twigs become unbreakable once bundled together
Chapter 4, The Magic Ball Manager
Chapter 5, How do you convince them?
Chapter 6, Motivation

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