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Deep Democracy in Action


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The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy displays a set of powerful tools with which you can really facilitate good conversations. Conversations with frank and outspoken talking and candid and open-hearted listening. These conversations are the starting point for better conflicts—conflicts that are acted out instead of avoided—and better decision-making; inclusive, with the wisdom of the majority, and the wisdom of the minority.

Now We’re Talking! provides a practical approach for the Deep Democracy tools. What to do as a facilitator and what not to do? What is the language you want to use? With this book you will know what to do as a facilitator of group processes, also in the heat of the moment.

Now We’re Talking! is an essential, practical, and handy guide book for anyone who wants to apply the Deep Democracy principles as comprehensively described by Myrna Lewis and Jitske Kramer. The book is accessible, with 84 beautifully designed and richly illustrated pages.

Published in March 2019 | Paperback | 96 pages | with illustrations | ca. 10,000 words
Over 16,000 copies sold

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Frank Weijers is a process engineer who has studied Deep Democracy, interventions, Transactional Analysis, systemic work, and Corporate Anthropology. He regularly works with teams and individual leaders in a disruptive and enlightening way. He writes articles on leadership, group dynamics, diversity, language, and corporate culture. Frank is the author of Playing With Space (2015), Space (2017), Now We’re Talking! (2019), and Conflict & Polarization (2022). He coaches and speaks on Deep Democracy, conflict, diversity and inclusion, and (professional) space. He founded the company Playing With Space and is an associate partner at Human Dimensions.


‘Practical tips from the experiences our team has learned from working with Deep Democracy the last decade. Useful language that make a huge difference in coaching groups, dialogues, decision-making, and conflict. Highly recommended!’
Jitske Kramer, international bestselling author and keynote speaker

‘This book is accessible and a perfect resource to apply the Deep Democracy knowledge. Frank Weijers is able to explain the philosophy and tools clearly like no one else. Now We’re Talking! is very practical and avoids unnecessary theory. The great lay-out and illustrations enhance the texts and ensure that you know exactly what that specific page is about. It is filled with essential information and there is not a page with too much information or unnecessary repetition.’
Anke Tijtsma, Managementboek.nl

‘What a gift! A large part of the effect of Deep Democracy is in the language you use. With this book Frank Weijers offers insight in bite sized sentences with which you can start immediately. And he shines a light on how, why, and when you should act as a group facilitator. Compact and clear, the right words in a pocket sized book.’
Mireille Ollivieira

‘A great book full of useful and practical sentences to help you apply Deep Democracy in practice. With tips on how to deal with group situations, Frank shares his years of experience.’
N. de Peuter

‘Deep Democracy in a nutshell, Frank Weijers has described all the steps, forms, and possibilities of Deep Democracy in a clear way. While Deep Democracy is mainly philosophical the methods are a great practical enrichment in coaching or facilitating people, groups, and organizations. A great gift for an uncle or neighbor dealing with painful collaboration.’
S.E. Schmidt



The good conversation
The better conflict
The best decision
Meta skills
A flexible role
The role of the facilitator
Facilitator and stakeholder
Team development


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