Rob de Haas - Practical Guide Online Meetings

Different connection, better achievements


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This book is about personal leadership. About influencing your environment and how life talks back to you. It offers a rich palette of unique life lessons which inspire you and invite you to approach situations differently.

To make working from home successful in the long term, we quickly have to become better in virtual collaboration. Online meetings play a vital role in this. It is a new skill for nearly everyone which we should master.

Online meeting, a new trick

Meeting Design Expert Rob de Haas considers online meetings like a new trick for all of us. A great opportunity to take a fresh approach on meetings. Online meetings break with existing meeting structures and has its own set of rules.

Practical guide for online meetings

This DIY-guide offers a wide arrange of practical tips, scripts, and workshops, to improve both the achievements and relations through the computer screen. De Haas presents techniques and tools that match our natural way of communicating. Let’s do it, try it, adjust it, and enjoy it!

‘Once we acknowledge that online meeting is a new trick, we can throw away the old meeting traditions.’

Published in November 2020 | Paperback | 176 pages | ca. 29,000 words
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers Amsterdam

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Rob de Haas is speaker, mentor, and change maker. As an independent Master Practitioner, he has trained over 25,000 people worldwide. He is an authority in creating effective and creative meetings. He coaches strategical meetings and provides training on effective and energetic (online) meetings, meeting design, leading through the mist, and keeping control of the wheel. He invented the Meeting Design Cards© with which anyone can design their own meeting. His mission is ‘Making the world a better meeting place’.

Rob de Haas has worked with students at universities in Groningen, Rotterdam, Leuven, Brussels, Hull, Ryiad, Riga, Burkina Faso, and Kharagpur. He gives inspirational speeches all over the world, from Canada and the US, to Latvia, Italy, Saudi-Arabia, India, Burkina Faso, and South Africa. He worked for clients like Seats2Meet, Oliver-IT Dress for Success, United Through Sports, the Dutch Top Sports Organization, Brainport Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week, Utrecht Medical Center, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, the Dutch Pension Organization for Government and Education, and national, regional, and local governments. In 2015 he wrote Unusually Great Meetings, Smarter, Shorter, More Inspiring, and in 2021 his article ‘How to Prepare Great Meetings’ was featured in The Science of Happiness.


Reader’s manual

1. The Changing Playing Field
1.1 Isolated yet connected
1.2 Another approach to meeting
1.3 Interaction lines: focused meetings about key themes
1.4 Large, hybrid meetings and individual meetings

2. Rules

3. The Warming-Up
3.1 Limit the amount of meetings
3.2 Create flow in meetings

4. The Game
4.1 How do you give a voice to emotions on the cold screen
4.2 Interaction
4.3 Feedback
4.4 Decision-making: transparent, or not at all
4.5 More drama please! Create the right conflict
4.6 Solving mutual conflicts
4.7 Leading digital meetings
4.8 Strategic team meetings
4.9 Scripts for discussions in interaction lines

5. Leaving the pitch together
5.1 The cooling-down (recording the most important agreements)
5.2 After the match (reflection on the process)

6. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity

Review of the online meeting rules
About the author

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