Sasja Dirkse & Angela Talen - The Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings Volume 1

The Source of Inspiration for Result-Oriented Training, Presentations, Meetings, and Other Gatherings

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Clients or coaching participants who are drifting away, that have little or no input at all, or even fall asleep during presentations, training sessions, and coaching conversations. These situations could be the reason for you to reconsider the working methods you use and the effect that they have.

Ten Goals
The Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings is the ultimate source of inspiration for everyone who wants to redesign their meetings with a fresh and result-oriented approach.

The book contains no less than 120 different interactive working methods, arranged according to ten objectives:

  • Getting acquainted;
  • Exchanging information;
  • Transferring knowledge;
  • Discussing issues;
  • Making decisions;
  • Brainstorming;
  • Making plans;
  • Evaluation;
  • Practicing skills; and
  • Informing each other.

Successful Guidance
All work methods in The Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings are explained step-by-step, and further explained with examples, experiences, suggestions, and example questions. The book explains the theory and the thinking behind choosing and using the different working methods. And it also clearly lists tips, tricks, and pitfalls, for the successful supervision and coaching of each individual working method.

Interactive Working Methods
'Keychain' is an example working method for the Getting acquainted goal. Participants show their keychains and use it to tell something about themselves. It is a quick icebreaking method for an easy introduction of an individual in a new group. Work-related and personal aspects are discussed in a natural way.

For Whom?
The Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings is intended for managers and trainers who enjoy directing meetings and want to be inspired to vary their approach in order to discuss the content of their meetings effectively. The book is aimed at enthusiastic leaders, trainers, and teachers who wish to make their conversations more interactive, and want to have answers for the different wishes and preferences of their participants.

The Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings Volume 1 is part of a successful series of working methods books. Other titles are The Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings Volume 2, The Big Online Toolbox for Successful Meetings, and The Big Toolbox for Successful Meetings for Health Care Professionals.

Published in 2007 | Hardcover | with illustrations | 304 pages | 50,000 words
Over 60,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers

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Sasja Dirkse and Angela Talen are the CEO’s of 2KNOWHOW, an agency that supports organizations by designing their learning and working methods. They reveal the ingrained patterns and help breaking through them in an energetic and professional manner. The agency trains and coaches managers, project managers, and teams, and directs cultural changes, both in government and in business organizations.


The Big Working Methods Book is written and designed in a very accessible way. A welcome addition to the library of any process support staff or group facilitator.’
Nico de Jong, senior advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports



Reading guide

I Why?
Theoretical foundation for working methods

II Working Methods for…
A Getting acquainted;
B Exchanging information;
C Transferring knowledge;
D Informing each other;
E Discussing issues;
F Making decisions;
G Brainstorming;
H Energizing;
I Making plans and strategy;
J Evaluation and reflection;
K Practicing skills;
L Transfer.

III Which?
A guide for choosing between the working methods

IV Examples
Tips for the preparation for a meeting

V To Work!
Tips for working with the working methods


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