Intervision - Monique Bellersen & Inez Kohlmann

Intervision is about how to use intervision as a learning and development tool for individuals, teams and organizations. It will introduce beginners to a method that gives fast results, takes little time to learn, and can be used by any group in any organization. For the more advanced readers, the book fine-tunes intervision to make a deeper contribution to your own development and that of the organization for which you work.

Published in English, Hungarian and Dutch | Over 7,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


Picture This! - Espérance Blaauw

54 unique pictures that bring the world inside in all her rough beauty. These association cards challenge you to express emotions in words and think up new ideas, and they promote creativity.

Published in English and Dutch | Click here for more information


Me, My Selves, and I - Karin Brugman, Judith Budde & Berry Collewijn

In Me, My Selves and I, the authors invite you to look at yourself in a different light and to consider yourself as a person composed of not one, but of an entire collection of selves. You have different sides, parts or subpersonalities which all see the world with different sets of eyes.

Over 40,000 copies sold | Full English translation available | Click here for more information


How-to-Book for Coaching - Joost Crasborn & Ellis Buis

The How-to-Book For Coaching is one of the best-selling Dutch coaching titles. It teaches you how to start a good confrontation? How do you respond to stress? How do you broaden ones perspective? How do you work with polarities? And how do you do nothing? In thirty How-to’s, you read example dialogues, questionnaires, conversational models and checklists. In addition, the authors have introduced a solid vision on coaching.

Over 45,000 copies sold | Shortlisted for Management Book of the Year | Click here for more information


The Big Working Methods Book Volume 1 - Sasja Dirkse & Angela Talen

The Big Working Methods Book is intended for managers and trainers who enjoy directing meetings and want to be inspired to vary their approach in order to discuss the content of their meetings effectively. The book is aimed at enthusiastic leaders, trainers, and teachers who wish to make their conversations more interactive, and want to have answers for the different wishes and preferences of their participants.

Over 60,000 copies sold | Click here for more information


The Coach Makes the Difference - Mauro van de Looij

This is the first comprehensive book that helps you complement your vision and style. As trainer, coach, and leader. Mauro challenges you to create a culture of performance, with a people-driven focus.

Full English manuscript available | Click here for more information


Cultural Calling Cards - Jim Morris

Cultural Calling Cards is a game designed for multicultural groups with three variations of the game. Fun, interactive and guaranteed to deliver insights and discussion, in is the ideal icebreaker and work form for new or existing multicultural groups or teams. The idea is to learn about each other’s culture by sharing information about your own culture and asking others about their culture. Nobody scores any points and nobody wins or loses. The only winner is cultural awareness itself.

Published in English | Click here for more information


Good Talk - Daniel Stillman

'A rich, thoughtful and useful handbook for designing conversations that create meaningful change.'
Dave Gray, co-author of Gamestorming

'An intriguing examination of a form of communication that’s often taken for granted.'
Kirkus Review

Published in English | Click here for more information

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