Irene van der Linde & Nicole Segers - Blood and Honey

Encounters on the Borders in the Balkan Region


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Blood and Honey is a road story through the countries of the former Yugoslavia and Albania in which the authors travel through a fragmented region in which they meet people who tell about their past, present and future and the sobering reality of nationalism put into practice and the effects on daily life.

‘Don’t think that I can’t happen here, that there can never be a war. The world you are living in and you think is normal, can be gone in one second. Nobody believed it, we didn’t either, but still it happened.’
Jesenko Galijašević, historian from Sarajevo

In Blood and Honey, author Irene van der Linde and photographer Nicole Segers travel across quite roads and barren highlands, through dark gorges and abandoned villages. They visit cities with magical names like Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Skopje, Ohrid and Tirana. They show the world of ordinary people with an extraordinary history. People that dream, fight, fear, and struggle with their fate. Like a choir, their different voices and melodies describe their lives, about hope and disappointment, passion and weariness. About how their world fell to pieces in fragments, which is a danger that is threatening other European societies as well.

Irene van der Linde is a historian and editor for Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer, Nicole Segers is a documentary photographer. Together they previously published the books The End of Europe (2004) and The Ferry of Istanbul (2010). Blood and Honey is a unique travel journal, a continuous story between the writer and the photographer who alternately tell the story.

Published in August 2020 | Hardcover | With 216 photo's | 688 pages | ca. 90,000 words
English sample translation available
Translation grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature available, click here for more information

Winner of Dutch Photobook Award 2021 for Best Text/Photobook
Selected as one of the ten most beautiful photo books by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers
Previous books were published in French by Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc/Libella

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Irene van der Linde is an author and journalist. She works on the editorial board of Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer.

Nicole Segers is a documentary photographer. She exhibited her work in the Netherlands and abroad, amongst others in De Kunsthal in Rotterdam, in collaboration with Rem Koolhaas in Brussel, at the BredaPhoto Festival, and at the French Photoreporter Festival.


‘Van der Linde’s calm and honest slow journalism fits Seger’s beautiful images wonderfully. Van der Linde draws the reader out of their couch with her vivid stories and Segers does exactly the same with her photographs. They alternated between being romantic and realistic and have been printed on soft newsprint paper. You can look and read endlessly.’
de Volkskrant

‘Everybody should read this book about a deserted corner of Europe. Blood and Honey is excellent journalistic history writing.’
NRC Handelsblad *****

‘Their outstanding work Blood and Honey tells the stories of the people they met and the places they visited. Currently, the book is only available in Dutch, but hopefully it will be translated soon. It will be absolutely compelling for an international readership.’
De Facto

Blood and Honey is a heartbreaking contemporary travel guide. It does what all good travel guides do, provide insight and break down the barriers for those of us, like me, who would want to make this journey themselves.’

Blood and Honey is a must-have, a book to browse through, a history lesson, and a road story, all in one.’
De Standaard

‘The Balkan region as a musical composition, the book reads like a symphony, a work with some major chords but most of all minor chords. This big and epic book is especially suitable as a stay-at-home travel guide. With the subtle writing of Van der Linde and the impressive photos of Segers, you travel along from Zagreb in Croatia to Budva in Montenegro, through Bosnia, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania.’
Guido van Hengel in Donau Magazine




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