The Adversary - Fred Baggen

In The Adversary all the myths and secrets of this enfant terrible are revealed: from the moment he was thirteen, lived on Mallorca and caught the eyes of all the girls of Mallorca and Spain with his stage act as a rock ‘n roll singer, followed by successes in Amsterdam as an actor, comedian, theater director, and founder of the world’s first sex theater.

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The Strange and Wonderful Life of Chas Gerretsen - Chas Gerretsen

Chas Gerretsen was born in 1943 in the Netherlands and grew up in a small-minded environment in which he quickly felt oppressed. Heavily influenced by books and movies, he left his home and traveled all around the world at age sixteen. His travels took him from crocodile hunting in Australia to becoming a cowboy in Texas. But he would become world famous as a photographer.

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The Japanese Sword - Natsuo Hattori & Tomohiro Nakamori

With a rich collection of captivating photographs, this book delves into the mystery of the Japanese sword, the most powerful and beautiful weapon on the earth. The Japanese sword is said to have the hardest blade in the world. It is a weapon as well as a piece of art, sometimes admired as a sacred treasure.

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The East - Maarten Hidskes

Maarten Hidskes wrote a historical novel to accompany the movie The East, made by Jim Taihuttu. The East is a grim page turner about dark period of Dutch history. Shortly after the end of the Second World War, the young soldier Johan and thousands like him are being sent to the Dutch East Indies to get the colony back under control. A bunch of rebels (lead by Soekarno) has stated a declaration of independence and the Dutch government wants to quickly put an end to this call for Indonesian freedom.

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The Parrots of Moshe - Ineke Kievit

The Parrots of Moshe is a reflection on the search for Jopie, the two-year old kid that went into hiding with Ineke Kievit’s grandparents in 1943. His real name is Moshe, and survived WWII on his foster parent’s courage. He was lovingly cared for by the family, but returned to his own family after the war.

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Blood and Honey - Irene van der Linde & Nicole Segers

Blood and Honey is a road story through the countries of the former Yugoslavia and Albania in which the authors travel through a fragmented region in which they meet people who tell about their past, present and future and the sobering reality of nationalism put into practice and the effects on daily life.

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Beyond Borders - Joanne Nihom

In Beyond Borders, Joanne Nihom shows what is happening in Israel, the country where she lives. She writes about the positive initiatives and inspiring people who often don't get mentioned in the media. As a Jewish woman, she shows her vulnerability in a society that is sometimes complicated for her to live in.

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Hydropolitics - Haroon Sheikh

In Hydropolitics, Haroon Sheikh analyses the dynamics on the seven seas. He describes the relations between powerful countries and powerful maritime nations, between the waters and trade, and the innovative spirit of naval powers. With special attention for the role of the Netherlands and for the changing relations between the USA, a traditional naval force par excellence, and China, a long-established force on land.

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Singing Rumpelstiltskin - Benjamin J. Sims

From growing up in the woodland ghetto of Cleveland, Ohio, joining the Air Force and the Freemasons, starting a music career in San Francisco in the late 1960s, playing basketball and singing in the Vietnam War, being stationed in Germany and facing a discharge hearing on false charges, and meeting people like Malcolm X, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, Janis Joplin and being sacked from Isaac Hayes’ band, Ben Sims’s story is about a truly eventful life and one that resonates in 2021 because it shines a light on how Black people have to navigate society and succeed in spite of it.

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Behind The Doors - Vincent Treanor III

In his long-awaited, fascinating “tell-all” memoir, Vince Treanor, former Road Manager of The Doors, opens up – in a mildly and viciously critical tone – about the sometimes harsh reality behind the seemingly glamorous pop star life surrounding America’s most popular and successful rock group The Doors.

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This is Europe - Hendrik Vos

The road towards European unity never had a fixed route, there was never a script or widely supported plan, yet still, step by step, the European Union arose. With this book, Hendrik Vos wrote a history of Europe that feels familiar yet still surprises, and tells the big adventure based upon the small stories.

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