Joanne Nihom - Beyond Borders

About the usual and unusual challenges of my life in Israel

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A ground-breaking book about people who are making a difference

Beyond Borders is a unique book about Israel. About a situation in which we often forget to take the people in the situation into consideration. Joanne Nihom firmly puts the perspective and focus back on the people, Israelis and Palestinians, who need and provide the hope and initiatives that keep them alive. From joint Israeli and Palestinian initiatives, to a hospital clown from Gaza, and a Druze woman who went into politics.

In Beyond Borders, Joanne Nihom shows what is happening in Israel, the country where she lives. She writes about the positive initiatives and inspiring people who often don't get mentioned in the media. As a Jewish woman, she shows her vulnerability in a society that is sometimes complicated for her to live in.

The stories are about connection, about the ordinary and the unusual, and the challenges of the region. "I hope Beyond Borders crosses a line, triggers something. That it will show how challenging it is to divide things in 'right' and 'wrong'. In the palette of beautiful people, it is the shades of color that are part of a fantastic, but very complex society."

Published in March 2021 | Paperback | 272 pages | ca. 70,000 words
Full English translation available
Dutch edition published by Kok/Boekencentrum

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Joanne Nihom is a journalist and writer. She writes reports and articles for various Dutch media and wrote Hotspots Israel, a travel guide with a difference, which was published in English and Dutch. She wrote the biography of Rabbi Jakob Friedrich, Every Nesjomme is a Pearl. He was considered by many as the Gandhi of Judaism.


“I read Beyond Borders in practically one sitting. It struck a chord with me: Joanne’s ability to be loyal to Israel and at the same time to have respect for the feelings of its non-Jewish population. Precisely the voice of moderation that is heard too little. Also, her person-to-person, grassroots approach is very praiseworthy. I recommend this book to my students and to everyone in my network!”
Bart Wallet, Professor of Jewish Studies, Early Modern and Modern Jewish History

“Joanne's beautiful storytelling about everyday people in Israel, who make an effort to live together, gave me hope, no, certainty, that one day people in Israel will live together in peace. Stop watching the news, read this book instead.”
Evelyn Markus, producer of Never Again Is Now, a documentary about antisemitism

Beyond Borders is a fantastic book about how people are coping and dealing with ‘unsolvable conflicts’. A beautifully written book about life in Israel.”
Afshin Elian, Iranian-Dutch jurist, philosopher and poet

“I use this enlightening book at various schools in the Netherlands, asking pupils to read from it and setting an example for other schools. When I get into a heated debate about the Israelian situation, I will refer to Beyond Borders.”
Teus den Otter, board member of the Foundation for the Prevention of Antisemitism

“I discovered the book Beyond Borders following a conversation with a good friend. It gives a wonderful view of the fabric of life. No separation, no discrimination, but an open heart and spirit. It is a gift that expects nothing in return. Also, the power of intimacy, the vulnerability of Joanne’s diary excerpts give me the faith and inspiration to inspire others. Thank you so much!”
Peter Brinkman

“With this book, Joanne gives us an important view of Israel.”
Dutch Jewish Weekly

“Amidst the turmoil in the Middle East, it’s good to have a woman who doesn’t address political issues, but rather shows us a large number of collaborative initiatives between Israelis and Palestinians.”
Catherine Keyl, television presenter in De Telegraaf

“A pioneering book about people who make a difference.”
Israël Actueel

“I heartily recommend this book. It gives hope. It’s about positive, cooperative initiatives by Israelis and Palestinians living in Israel. Unfortunately, these kinds of stories are not so popular on social or other media (not sensational enough?) For myself, I hope I can avoid judgements, demonstrations, blaming each other, etc. The situation is complex… I prefer to focus on the future and would like to read about and share more positive initiatives like these. Joanne Nihom, thank you for writing this wonderful book and thank you for your eternal struggle for peace, no matter what!”
Fleur de Haan


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