Madoka Sawa - The Choice To Quit


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Don't lie to yourself.
Don't force yourself.
That is how you expand your possibilities. These are the things I value in my life after leaving Microsoft.

There are things that you don't really want to do and don't need to do, but you don't realize it and continue to do them just because you have done them or because you have been doing them for a long time. That is the sunk cost of life.

We need to recognize the sunk costs that have unconsciously become a burden in our lives, and make the choice to quit. What I want to convey in this book is such simple thinking.

Work: Only attend meetings where you can contribute.
Relationships: Focus on the happiness of the moment rather than building connections
Material things and money: If it's hard to release, then give it away.
Dreams and goals: Don't push yourself too hard by thinking backwards.

Quitting is a way to meet a brand new you. To quit is to design your life more freely.

Published in July 2021 | Paperback | 240 pages
English sample translation available
Over 7,000 copies sold
Korean rights sold Hanbit Biz
Complex Chinese rights sold to Athena Press
Japanese edition published by Nikkei Business Publications

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Madoka Sawa is the former Executive Officer of Microsoft Japan and currently is the Representative Director of ensow.

After graduating from Rikkyo University, Faculty of Economics, he worked for the IT subsidiary of a life insurance company before joining Microsoft Corporation (now Microsoft Japan) in 1997. He served as an information consultant, pre-sales SE, manager of a sales team specializing in competition countermeasures, and general manager of the cloud platform sales division before becoming the general manager of the Microsoft Technology Center in 2011. He retired from Microsoft in 2020 after serving as Executive Vice President.

In 2006, he received the Chairman's Award, presented by Bill Gates to only the most outstanding Microsoft employees worldwide. Currently, while representing his own corporation, he is a visiting professor at the University of the Ryukyus, as well as an advisor to startup companies, mentor to NPOs, and conduct seminars and lectures. In March 2020, he also began working as a Lu mada Innovation Evangelist for Hitachi, Ltd.

He is the author of Microsoft's Legendary Manager's World No.1 Presentation Techniques (Diamond Inc.), Personal Power: The New Normal Way to Work - Becoming Selfish in What You Want to Do (President, Inc.), Start with 'Doubt. The Source of Thoughts and Actions to Survive in the Future Era (Ascom), and Study Hack! (KADOKAWA). He is also the supervisor of Study Hack!



Chapter 1: Visualizing the Invisible Burdens of Life
Chapter 2: Living Richly with the "Selfish" Strategy
Chapter 3: The Art of Quitting

Relationships: Thinking on the premise that "comfortable relationships change.
Work: Be aware of the importance of your work based on "contribution".
Things, Money, Time: The criterion is "abundant time.
Adherence, old ways of doing things, success stories: Focus thoroughly on the objective
Dreams and Goals: Change the way you look at "what you've done to the best of your ability".

Chapter 4: Become who you want to be


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