Cedric Muchall & Lennard Toma - Sugarcoated Organization Problems

And the 6 Elements for More Humane Companies


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According to Cedric Muchall and Lennard Toma, making organizations more meaningful, more fun, and more healthy requires just six key elements. By taking these six elements seriously in your company and aligning them, every organization could be more fun and healthy for colleagues, customers, and its environment.

Cedric Muchall and Lennard Toma met each other as colleagues at Keytoe, where they try to prevent falling into all the traps of old-fashioned and senseless organizing: having meetings, blindly implementing the hippest management theories, excessive rules and regulations, and fifteen other problems that are commonplace in every company – and should not be done at all.

In Sugarcoated Organization Problems, they highlight the most important aspects of the purposeful practices, and describe how to design a meaningful organization. A book with clear solutions for everyday problems, based on experience and scientific insights.

Published in April 2022 | paperback | 232 pages | ca. 54,000 words
Dutch edition published by Santasado

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Cedric Muchall studied Management, Economy, and Law, is cofounder and advisor for Keytoe and the Dutch health insurance company VGZ. Lennard Toma studied International Business and Organizational Psychology and is an important (and visible) face within Keytoe. They previously wrote 99 Problems But the Boss Ain’t One, shared the stage in their theater production Fuck It!, and host the podcasts How?! and the Ced & Len Show. Cedric and Lennard are perceived as daring thinkers and achievers.


‘From standup to compulsory growth, Muchall and Toma shun no taboos. For everyone who asks themselves on a regular working day: “What am I doing?!”’ – Priscilla van Agteren, Algemeen Dagblad

‘Lennard and Cedric’s latest book is both a passionate complaint against dubious management and a useful and entertaining guide to make work more fun.’ – Joost Minnaar, Corporate Rebels

‘A necessary, inevitable, and easy to read book for everyone who wants to change their views on work in a drastic way. To stop looking at employees like Human Resources, and view them as people, made from flesh and blood. It sounds so simple, but it is so hard to execute. The good news is that the authors are insiders, they know what they are talking about from their own experiences. In short, a convincing book.’ – Berthold Gunster, Yes-But®

‘The cover is great and nauseating at the same time, this has to be a good book!’ – Saskia van Harten, Koningshof Theatre

‘I advised the authors—begged them!—to change the title. Would they listen? No! Which is in alignment with their message: Lennard and Cedric are incredibly stubborn. They use that treat to address many taboos of ‘playing company’, which is about time. You can expect original insights, perspectives, and tools with which you really can improve your organization, presented with humor. A huge recommendation, despite the dreadful title.’ – Thijs Launspach, psychologist and bestselling author of F*cking Busy

‘This dynamic duo shuns no organization nonsense topic. With the psychological wisdom of Penn and the rich poetic wit of Teller, the authors make reading this book a true festive event.’ – Alice Groen, VGZ Health Insurance

‘I learned to read, especially for this book!’ – Martin Dupuis, bol.com

‘Highly recommended, even before I have read it. That is pure confidence. I cannot wait for your next book.’ – Nico Steenvoorden, City of Amsterdam



Part I. The Sugarcoated Organization Problems, What happens, why it happens, and why it doesn’t improve

1. Management theories and blindness
2. Why having meetings is completely insane
3. The ‘professional me’ and LEGO
4. One Rule – to rule them all
5. Layoffs in good times
6. The growth plague
7. The diversity bubble
8. There is no leaders singular
9. Worth(s)less
10. Thank God it’s Tuesday
11. Don’t stick to your role
12. The buy-out bullshit
13. Playing office
14. Organization charts are useless
15. Secrecy is suffocating
16. Too much uniformity
17. Difficult dumb, simple smart
18. Over-professionalization
19. Our own nonsense

Part II. The Six Elements for More Humane Companies, As a positive alternative

Meaningful Organizations
The Six Elements in action
The Six Elements in combination
Why use the Six Elements
How not to use the Six Elements
The logical duo’s
Three (preconditional) actions for you: letting loose, letting go, and staying loose
In conclusion

About the authors

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