Jitske Kramer - Voodoo

A journey to find yourself through ancient rituals


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Jitske Kramer is invited by a voodoo priest to spend a week in Togo and experience ancient rituals and voodoo ceremonies. In a midnight ritual she does a naked cleansing in the sacred forest, she dances to the rhythm of the gods, learns her fate, gets rid of negative energies and receives leadership lessons from an almost hundred years old voodoo priest who has skulls hanging from his waist.

Travel along with Jitske to Togo and share her amazement, her searching, irritation, joy and emotions. And answer for yourself the questions she asks herself and you, the reader. Get immersed in the world of voodoo and encounter mostly yourself. In this book, Jitske describes her personal quest and the experience will leave a lasting impression. A journey to another culture is generally a journey to find yourself. Become a starting anthropologist and discover that what you find strange can become normal -- and what you find normal can become strange.

Can you fear something that you don't believe in? Can you believe a little bit in something? How easily do you surrender to the unknown? Is voodoo as shady as its perception suggests? Voodoo is a confrontation with yourself and an experience you won't forget easily.

Published in November 2019 | Paperback | With photographs | 216 pages | ca. 40,000 words
English sample translation available
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers Amsterdam

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Jitske Kramer travels all over the world to learn from traditional healers, leaders, surprising innovators and random strangers. She views the world and individual organizations through the eyes of an anthropologist. Her discipline, cultural anthropology, questions what it means to be a human being amidst other humans in organizational settings and beyond.

In 2012, she introduced Deep Democracy in the Netherlands, where she and her Human Dimensions team provide training. Kramer is always looking for new ways to build strong tribes and reinforce mutual ties. She shares her knowledge with people in the world of organizational consultancy, collaboration and leadership by means of top-notch lectures and master classes. Her goal is to improve individual and group effectiveness and results (while also making the world a vastly more pleasant place to be). She trains people, so that we will never again have to hold meetings, but have lively and honest conversations instead. She captivates you with stories that create space for new ways of seeing and behaving. As her stories progress, what seemed normal to you becomes strange, and what was strange becomes familiar.

Jitske Kramer (1973). Corporate anthropologist. Public speaker. Entrepreneur. Facilitator. Founder of Human Dimensions. Trainer of the year 2013. Author of Managing Cultural Dynamics, Deep Democracy – The wisdom of the minority, Wow! What a Difference!, Voodoo – A Journey to Find Yourself Through Ancient Rituals, Work Has Left the Building and co-author of The Corporate Tribe (Management Book of the Year 2016, published in English, German, Russian, Dutch and Vietnamese) and Building Tribes. Kramer works in Dutch and English.



To Go to Togo
I go traveling and I leave behind... my judgment
Traveling to voodoo
Surrender to the unknown
Voodoo: bridge between the visible and invisible worlds
Naked in the woods for my fate
My scapegoat: giving before you can receive
Voodoo is often misunderstood
If you can't see it, it is not there
Gods that can groove
Skulls shake me up
Advise to European leaders
Singing Beto: magic trick or real?
A loving cleansing with the Snake God
The flow of a ritual
Voodoo dolls at last, a chicken and a grave
How deep have you gone?
Devilish dilemma: how much do I want to know?
Coincidence or not, that's the question

Thank you for traveling along
The anthropological view
Sources of inspiration
About the author

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