Maarten van Andel - The Green Illusion

Why we can’t save the climate with a few windmills and solar panels


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If we want to meet the climate goals of 2030, green energy will not be enough. We can only succeed if we reevaluate nuclear energy, use fossil fuels in a smarter way, and start change our luxurious lifestyles also.

Climate activists have declared wind and solar energy sources as the Holy Grail, but these alone will not safe our climate. According to Maarten van Andel, our environment is too important to leave up to dogmatic thinkers who cannot separate facts from fiction.

The Green Illusion is a book, filled with critical questions and sober facts about solar panels, nuclear energy, electric cars, and petroleum. An eye-opener for anyone who has been convinced by the propaganda of climate activists and the green industry. And a wake-up call for anyone who thinks we can meet the climate goals if we continue to drive in cars, fly in airplanes, and consume like we do now.

Published in September 2018 | Paperback | 128 pages | ca. 24,000 words
Over 5,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Maarten van Andel is director of Natural Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences and has years of experience as an engineer and manager in the high-tech industry. He collaborated with scientists and experts in companies, governments, and research institutions for international energy and sustainability projects. He calls himself to be climate neutral, both concerned with climate change and the measures meant to save the planet.


‘A good addition to the discussion. Clearly written, informative, and most important offering a few important and interesting observations and considerations.’ – Managementboek.nl


Where did it go wrong?
The big confusion
Oil and wind, tomatoes or potatoes
Is sustainable energy really sustainable?
Storing energy, the big bottleneck
Can we do without fossil fuels?
The huge gap between now and 2030
The energy top 10

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