The Green Illusion - Maarten van Andel

Climate activists have declared wind and solar energy sources as the Holy Grail, but these alone will not safe our climate. According to Maarten van Andel, our environment is too important to leave up to dogmatic thinkers who cannot separate facts from fiction.

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The Green Opportunity - Maarten van Andel

Let’s stop waiting on politicians, entrepreneurs, and scientists. Let’s stop selling climate goals to energy moguls and multinationals. The green opportunity is not technology and infrastructure, but in awareness and a collective behavioral change. That will save more fossil fuels and carbon dioxide than windmills, heat pumps, and electric cars.

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Rights of Nature - Laura Burgers & Jessica den Outer

In our time of ecological crisis, the law may provide some new and much- needed perspective. Worldwide, an increasing number of natural entities – forests, rivers, mountains, even Mother Earth herself – are being recognized as so-called legal persons. In this legal revolution, nature is no longer seen as an object to be used and discarded, but rather as a subject with intrinsic value and, importantly, legally enforceable rights.

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The Book of Ideals - Marnix Geus

According to Marnix Geus, nothing is more motivating than an ideal. Candid and with a sense of humor, Geus shows in The Book of Ideals that no journey is ideal, but if you allow your journey to be guided by ideals, you can be sure that it will become more beautiful, for yourself and for others.

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Free, Equal, and Together - Damaris Matthijsen

Free, Equal, and Together is for everyone who searches for ways to work towards a society that benefits humans and Earth. Will you be kissed awake?

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Sustainable Business Management - Karolien Van Riel

This book is meant to share the current state of affairs and give an extensive overview of relevant theories and ideas on sustainability, on an economic, social and environmental level. This book is an invitation for students and anyone who’s interested to learn about sustainability, to get informed and share their thoughts with one another.

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Sustainable HRM - Alex Vanderstraeten & Robin Kramar

This book is primarily written for HRM professionals who want to implement SHRM in their organisation, or who want to evaluate and improve their practise of it. Additionally, academics, students, and those interested in HRM measurements are sure to benefit from this exceptional introduction to Sustainable HRM.

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