Marnix Geus - The Book of Ideals

How to Change Yourself and the World

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Would you like to be meaningful, but you don't know how to realize your ideals? This guide shows you the way. How to change yourself and the world.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. – Rumi

Our planet is crying out for do-gooders of all colors and sizes. Fortunately, there are people everywhere who change tack, urge their employer to do things differently and, if necessary, quit their job. One climbs the Himalayas for a good cause, the other starts a social enterprise. Do you also have an ideal and could you use some help? Then take advantage of all the tips and inspiring stories in this book.

According to Marnix Geus, nothing is more motivating than an ideal. Candid and with a sense of humor, Geus shows in The Book of Ideals that no journey is ideal, but if you allow your journey to be guided by ideals, you can be sure that it will become more beautiful, for yourself and for others.

Marnix said goodbye to the successful PR agency he founded earlier in 2017 and started The Present Movement, a broad movement of people who fight for more compassionate humanity and (equality) dignity. With these and other initiatives, Marnix is a key figure straddling between traditional companies and social and sustainable initiatives, helping people and companies to realize their ideals.

If you have ideals, and you could use some help to realize them, you can benefit from the tips and inspiring stories from The Book of Ideals. With a foreword by Rich and Yvonne St. John-Dutra (California) from Challenge Day (featured on Oprah), and contributions from Jacqueline Way (Vancouver) and Jeena Earthiva (Mumbai).

Published in June 2022 | Paperback | 224 pages | ca. 45,000 words
Full English translation available
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Marnix Geus is founder of The Present Movement, co-founder of seepeople.today and shareholder of Blyde Benelux (B Corp). Until 2017, he worked as an entrepreneur in the creative industry and founded several agencies that mainly worked for well-known multinationals. He previously wrote the book Human Trade, a candid entrepreneurial story of a 'boss' who puts the people in front of the trade (2016). Marnix is a mentor at NLGroeit, is a guest lecturer at the School for Change, coaches (social) entrepreneurs and is a much sought-after speaker on the theme of social entrepreneurship.


'This book is a precious gift to anyone ready to be inspired and ignited by people’s passions and Dreams. A role model for what’s possible for us all, Marnix speaks from his heart and lives the visions he has captured in every page. The Book of Ideals, shines a light of hope and possibility for anyone with a dream. It serves as an inspiration to the hero that lives inside us all. It is an answer to the voice that dwells deep within. The voice that calls us all forth to something greater. We stand with and behind all the other “crazy dreamers” who hope to change the world for the better. Marnix offers a genuinely inspiring story of his own journey towards impactful and powerful change. But his book is more than that, it is also a practical and accessible method to determine your own drive and guide book to turn your ideals into acts and positive change. A valuable book in times like these.'
from the foreword by Yvonne & Rich Dutra-St John, cofounders of Challenge Day & The Be the Change Movement

The Book of Ideals is a loving, yet confrontational assault on perhaps our worst enemy: indifference. Marnix takes us through the steps from awakening to actual action. And his plea that you don’t have to be Mandela or Mother Theresa in order to contribute to the well-being of others and this planet, is convincing.’
Ilco van der Linde, (co) founder of Dance4Life, MasterPeace, OceanLove and the Dutch Independence Festivals

‘The current state of the planet is a worrisome story, inducing feelings of powerlessness, fear and sadness. The Book of Ideals gave me more confidence in the future and the human capacity to solve the complex challenges together with good deeds, large or small. Marnix is courageous, authentic and vulnerable in his life story and life mission. There are seeds planted in the reader’s minds about how to become a change maker, in your time and at your own moment.’
Jennifer Dennison, CEO Challenge Day Netherlands

‘Let’s stop using the term ‘social enterprise’. There are companies and unsustainable companies. Period. Marnix understands this, so read his book and discover how you can really be valuable as an entrepreneur.’
Henk-Jan Beltman, Chief Chocolate Officer at Tony Chocolonely

‘We don’t live in an age of change, but in a change of ages. This is very demanding on us. The Book of Ideals is filled with inspiration to choose the important role you can play in this!’
Jan Rotmans, Professor Sustainability at Drift, Professor Transition Sciences and Sustainability at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Book of Ideals is invaluable. A personal story about being a professional word improver, a document exploding with engaged experience expertise.’
Kees Klomp, Lecturer Purpose Economy at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and cofounder of the THRIVE Institute

‘With the wisdom from his book, Marnix took me back to my Persian roots, my own dreams and ideals. In a world full of material interests, power and individualism, Marnix is starting a movement that makes us all wonder. But it also activates us and shows how easy it is to make the world a better place and how to do your part. I hope his ideal book makes us ideal people!’
Hayde Zarkeshan, CEO The Social Alliance

‘Impressive, personal and touching, showing that your roots and life experiences are the seeds of your future, whatever they are. These experiences help you to take steps as a changemaker every day. That moment is always there, it is always ‘now’.’
Merijn Everaarts, founder and owner of Dopper – sustainable water bottles

‘There is an idealist in every one of us. The question is when (s)he awakes and becomes active. When reading this book, there is a good chance that you will start to tell your own story between all the stories in the book, making you put it down halfway and start working on your dream right away.’
Merlijn Twaalfhoven, composer, author and founder of The Turn Club – artists for change


Foreword by Yvonne and Rich Dutra-St. John, founders of the Challenge Day
From the inside out
An ideal start to the journey

Waking up
With a contribution by Halima Neffakh

With a contribution by Jacqueline Way

With a contribution by Alaeddin Janid

With a contribution by Jeena Earthiva

Letting go
With a contribution by Fionnuala Herder-Wynne

What now?
Encore: how about Rumi?

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