Bart Flos - The Perfect Project

People as the key to success


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Traditional project management leads to an enormous waste of time, money, and human skills. Two-thirds of all projects fails, large and small, every time and everywhere. Yet, your project can be successful, if you put people front and center.

Forget everything you learned on project management. The eternal spiral of failure can only be solved if you push the right buttons. Look beyond the usual project horizon and create the successful human with your tool box:

  • Put the leader in the right place!
  • Think as an adult, act as an adult!
  • Put your finger up if you don’t agree!

The book is filled with confronting examples and practical tips and tricks. The author offers a simple yet revolutionary approach to unmask useless projects and turn them in perfect projects.

Published in January 2014 | Paperback | 192 pages | ca. 39,000 words
Over 5,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Bart Flos has over twenty-five years of experience as project manager, change manager, and crisis manager, and has salvaged countless projects from their doom. He wrote the bestseller The Anti-Complaining Book and The Anti-Rut Book, and is a well-known speaker on the complaining, leading, and changing human.


‘That I, who reads just one or two books each year, read this book in one breath is saying something. With fifteen years of IT experience, this book was full of recognition. Easy to read and full of valuable tips and analyzes and ‘putting things in perspective’. Most problem solving is extremely logical and accessible when you read it: they are presented in a clear way. For other ideas you need some more courage, but they can work. Everybody that works with projects in one way or another, can learn something from this book and with the stories and tone of voice it is an entertaining read. A true recommendation!’ – Managementboek.nl

‘I read the book with enthusiasm, especially with the charming comment that people are key.’ – Corinne Klaver, Expand.nl


What are we all messing around?
James Bond doesn’t exist
Unmask your mess projects
Do you ever go shopping?

Introduction, looking further than your usual project horizon
Listen to Murphy
Project messing around for professionals
The Seven-Headed Hourglass, from messing around to perfection

Chapter 1, Don’t rush into a project!
About the energy household of a project
The right leader on the right place: do the Project Match Test
The PRIC-list: confrontation with information
How do you teach a salesman new tricks?

Chapter 2, Dare to stop when things go wrong!
The visible project versus the intangible product
The power and weakness of a project team
The STOP-Principle: starting again is cool
The Status-Totallis: the team determines the status of the project
The Anti-Mess quadrant: where are you in your project?

Chapter 3, Deal with the inevitable problems at the root!
The project’s distinctiveness
The secondary fire-triangle: alignment, dedications, and investment
Taking the root with the Problem Analyses Checklist
Think tanks: use your project team’s brain power

Chapter 4, Act like an entrepreneur!
If entrepreneurs act funny, act funny back
What is the difference between a process and a project?
The nuance in maturity
How successful are your projects? Do the Project Mess test!
The seven meeting questions

Chapter 5, Evaluate, share, and celebrate your experiences!
About the definition of project success
All success is relative
Projects have short memories
The success analyze checklist

Chapter 6, Make your project perfect!
The project success cycle
Taking law and matters into your own hands
When is your project perfect?


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