Jurriaan Kamer & Rini van Solingen - Formula X

How to Reach Extreme Acceleration in Your Organization


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Formula X is a business fable about speed, leadership and organizational change.

Many organizations struggle to adapt to our fundamentally faster world. For companies and professionals, it often feels like they have to make an ultimate choice: quality or speed. But speed does not have to result in bad work―and Formula 1 motor racing proves this.

Within the two weeks between races, they perform the enormous job of analyzing all data, designing and producing new components, shipping, assembling and testing. How do they do that? And what can we learn from F1 in applying these lessons to our workplaces?

Formula X tells the story of Ronald Park, director of a large kitchen manufacturer. He will lose his job if he fails to significantly reduce the delivery time of his kitchens to under two weeks. As he takes up this challenge, he manages to get his organization closer to this goal, step by step. He receives unexpected help from the team captain of a well-known Formula 1 team.

Ronald successfully implements several F1 lessons in his company. But just when Ronald thinks he made it, things change to the worse. How will he manage? How will he keep his company alive? In Formula X you will learn the secrets to reaching extreme acceleration in your organization!

Published in August 2020 | Paperback | 200 pages | ca. 40,000 words
Full English and Italian translations available

German rights sold to dPunkt Verlag
Italian rights sold to ROI Edizioni
World English rights sold to Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
Dutch edition published by Business Contact

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Jurriaan Kamer is a speaker, organization designer, and transformation coach at The Ready. He specializes in making organizations more human, more adaptive, and faster. He is a big fan of Formula 1 racing and everything related to the future of work. Jurriaan lives in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Rini van Solingen is a tenured professor at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands and CTO of Prowareness We-On. He is also the author of The Power of Scrum, Scrum for Managers, and How to lead self-managing teams. Rini lives in Delft, Netherlands.


“A faster organization is a struggle for many companies. Formula X is an amazing book, that makes clear that you learn easiest from companies outside of your market, instead of your competitors. The way this book explains how to increase the speed and ultimately the success of an organization is unique and stimulating for anyone who wants to lead a faster team or organization.”
Harry Brouwer - CEO, Unilever Food Solutions

“There is a strong relationship between the challenges faced in this story and what I encounter in my own job. Drawing patterns in problems allows me to abstract the issue and apply logic to necessary changes. The underlying model was the highlight of the book for me. Professionals need to understand and master this theory.”
Jeff Willard, Director Global Network Services, Nike

“Faced with the need for acceleration in organizations, this book is accessible to all and contains smart, useful tools. Let’s get started!”
Wilma van Dijk - Director Safety, Security & Environment, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

“A great handbook and source of inspiration to make our organization agile. I learned a lot from the many examples of how to do this effectively. Formula X teaches you how to turn your organization into a learning machine. This beautiful book contains many practical situations that help get an organization moving and, above all, to keep it moving. Recommended for people with a passion for change!”
Amir Arooni - CIO, NN Group

Formula X reads like an exciting adventure, full of insights for organizations that want to move faster and act more decisively. The key message is that selfmanaging, multidisciplinary teams, focusing on clear goals and on continuous innovation and value creation, will become winners for the customer. Leaders can take-away a law of nature by understanding how weight and inertia will slow you down, and that diversity, rhythm, and rituals help to make teams stronger and perform better. A good formula for learning organizations in dynamic markets!”
Jeroen Tas - Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Philips

“Finally a book that offers guidelines on how to make your organization truly agile. Although a lot has been written about agile and scrum, there is still little to be found about how to organize it. Formula X changes that. This book shows how to look at your organization differently. Jurriaan and Rini have articulated this in a very readable book. I read it in one sitting and am already applying the lessons! Change starts with ourselves: how we look at our organization, how we look at our people, how to empower people and work towards a common goal. This book is an absolute must!”
Frank Coster - CIO, Randstad Group NL

Formula X describes, in a playful way, how organizations can become agile and effective by distributing decision-making and building on trust and real cooperation in a safe environment. This fits in with the way we want to work at bol.com and it takes us further.”
Huub Vermeulen - CEO, www.bol.com

“This book is a page-turner! One of the most important insights for me is that, as a leader, I have to change. Trust instead of control. Making mistakes is fine if you learn from them. Tap into the thinking power of everyone instead of just the management team. And the best result, besides acceleration, is very happy people!”
Mariëlle Lichtenberg - Director Consumers, Rabobank



The Fable
Part 1 - Free Practice
Part 2 - Qualifying
Part 3 - The Race
Part 4 - Restart
Part 5 - Final Lap
Part 6 - Finish Line

The Model
F - Focus and clarity
A - Accelerate decisions
S - Simplify
T - Team engagement
E - Elementary physics
R - Rhythm learning

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German translation published by dPunkt Verlag:

»Formel X« ist ein Businessroman über Geschwindigkeit, Führung und organisatorischen Wandel. Viele Unternehmen ringen mit der Tatsache, dass unsere Welt wesentlich schneller geworden ist. Sie erfahren bei ihrer Arbeit zunehmend einen scheinbar unlösbaren Konflikt zwischen Qualität und Geschwindigkeit. Doch die Formel-1-Welt beweist, dass Qualität und Geschwindigkeit bei der Arbeit vereinbar sind. Innerhalb von zwei Wochen zwischen den Rennen werden alle Daten analysiert, neue Autoteile entworfen, getestet, produziert, montiert und erneut getestet. Wie schaffen die Teams das? Und was kann man davon für die eigene Arbeit lernen?

Dieses unterhaltsame Buch erzählt die Geschichte von Ronald Verhulst, Geschäftsführer eines großen Küchenherstellers. Er steht vor der Herausforderung, die Lieferzeit der Küchen drastisch von zwölf auf zwei Wochen zu verkürzen. Sonst ist er seinen Job los. Aus unerwarteter Richtung kommt Unterstützung in Form von Anregungen und Tipps vom Teamchef des Formel-1-Teams »Faster Racing«. Ronald gelingt es, die aus der Formel 1 gewonnenen Erkenntnisse zu Geschwindigkeit und Beschleunigung in seinem Unternehmen umzusetzen und die Prozesse Schritt für Schritt zu beschleunigen.

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Italian translation published by ROI Edizioni:

Cos’hanno in comune un’azienda che produce cucine e un team di Formula 1? Molto più di quanto si potrebbe pensare. Formula X è una business novel in cui molti riconosceranno i tratti delle aziende per cui lavorano o hanno lavorato. Valerio Petri è l’amministratore delegato di Lampo Cucine e da un giorno all’altro si ritrova a vivere un incubo quando, per inseguire le aspirazioni apparentemente irrealistiche del fondatore dell’azienda, è costretto a trovare il modo di ridurre i tempi medi di produzione e consegna da dieci a due settimane, pena dover regalare la cucina al cliente. Fra tentativi disperati e suggerimenti di un misterioso aiutante anonimo, Valerio trova un’insperata fonte d’ispirazione nei box di una scuderia di Formula 1 che gli fa scorgere una speranza di salvezza per sé e per l’azienda.

Velocizzare i processi senza sacrificare la qualità, lavorare sull’efficienza, costruire un nuovo modello di leadership e una nuova mentalità aziendale, nella quale ciascun dipendente è coinvolto, partecipativo e responsabilizzato in vista dello scopo finale, è possibile, ma serve la giusta strategia. Attraverso una storia avvincente, questo libro traccia un metodo utile e replicabile per ottenere velocità e qualità in azienda.

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