Gabriël Anthonio - The Mirror for Princes

A frame of mind for leaders, professionals, and other influencers


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A book for professionals that know that they regularly need to take a break.

In his third book, Gabriël Anthonio shows you a mirror to look at yourself, using short and striking reflections. The Mirror for Princes will help you take direction in your life.

The author shares his knowledge and experiences in leadership development, using a strong and universal image, the mirror. And not just a mirror, but a Mirror for Princes, a window you cannot see through, but it reflects your image. In this window you face yourself, moments to reflect on yourself, sometimes in amazement, in reproach, or gratitude. A window that works like a frame of mind, and makes you look at yourself.

“In my own personal leadership development, I regularly had to look in the mirror, whether I wanted to or not. I had to confront myself and face myself, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tear, restrained, hurt, or indifferent and nonchalant. The Mirror for Princes shares several insights and experiences with the reader, moments and life lessons I want to share with you. You are the observer and look at your own image in this mirror.”

The book is written for leaders, professionals, and other influencers. People that know that they regularly need to take a break and look in the mirror. Moments of silence, observation, and reflection. Moments that are not always easy, but always enrich the observer to become the person you already are deep inside of you.

Published in December 2020 | Hardcover | 156 pages | With illustrations | ca. 27,000 words
Over 10,000 copies sold of this series
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers Amsterdam

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Gabriël Anthonio (1963), is chairman of the board of VNN (North Netherlands Addiction Care). In addition to his work as a manager, he lectures at the NHL-Stenden College and is an extraordinary professor at the RUG (University of Groningen) in leadership, organizational development, and sustainability. He started his career working with teenage dropouts in crisis shelters and on the streets, then held various management positions in, among others, a youth institution, a detention center, and in youth care. A common thread in his career is helping organizations in crisis get back on their feet. Anthonio puts leadership development into practice and inspires others to come along on his journey.

Gabriël Anthonio is a sought-after speaker at seminars, conferences, and in organizations, where he shares his ideas, theory, and practices. He appeals to directors and managers, as well as to the employees in the workplace. “I want to demythologize leadership, take off its halo and open it up to everyone.”


‘Where Stephen Covey preaches action for leadership, Anthonio preaches self-reflection. The book is beautifully designed and easy to read and it made me think about my own values, which is exactly what the author’s intention, improving the growth process of the reader.’
Rudy Kor, organization advisor and author

‘A delicious little book. The personal basis of this work makes it pleasing to read and the author attempts to life up to his values and reflects in writing on his own actions. A mirror for the reader and also for the author. I was touched by his actions in several scenario’s he describes, courageous, hopeful, and humble at the same time – but it’s by no means an ego document. The chapters are little jewels and make this a book to reread many times, a guide in self-reflection.’
Niels van Gorp, data strategist and data philosopher

‘A wonderful book about core values and personal development, printed in pocket size with a reason, that could – no should – inspire us every day. The book’s beauty and inspiration comes from its balance between design and text, clear structure, true life stories, and guidelines for the reader. Everyone that allows themselves time to look into the mirror will help strengthen their own and other’s leadership, because you dare to face yourself.’
Paul Misdorp, CEO of ViNDT (Applying Change in New Thinking) and advisor


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