Gabriël Anthonio - Life Talks Back

About personal leadership, what I learned from my extraordinary son


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This book is about personal leadership. About influencing your environment and how life talks back to you. It offers a rich palette of unique life lessons which inspire you and invite you to approach situations differently.

Gabriël Anthonio shares the lessons he learned from his special son, which made him look, listen, think, and feel differently. Not just about leadership, but also about life and how he wants to live it. Life Talks Back invites the reader to give room to surprises and adopt a different perspective sometimes, the perspective of an outsider.

Published in October 2019 | Hardcover | 72 pages | With illustrations | ca. 15,000 words
Over 10,000 copies sold of this series
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers Amsterdam

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Gabriël Anthonio (1963), is chairman of the board of VNN (North Netherlands Addiction Care). In addition to his work as a manager, he lectures at the NHL-Stenden College and is an extraordinary professor at the RUG (University of Groningen) in leadership, organizational development, and sustainability. He started his career working with teenage dropouts in crisis shelters and on the streets, then held various management positions in, among others, a youth institution, a detention center, and in youth care. A common thread in his career is helping organizations in crisis get back on their feet. Anthonio puts leadership development into practice and inspires others to come along on his journey.

Gabriël Anthonio is a sought-after speaker at seminars, conferences, and in organizations, where he shares his ideas, theory, and practices. He appeals to directors and managers, as well as to the employees in the workplace. “I want to demythologize leadership, take off its halo and open it up to everyone.”



1. Descending and making contact
2. True acceptance
3. From safe to autonomous
4. The most important moment
5. Support
6. Remain unprejudiced
7. Healing from within
8. Humanity
9. From shortage to abundance
10. Beyond your role

Under guardianship
In closing
About the author

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