Kirsten de Roo - The Perfect Match

How to hire the right person for the right position


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Did you hire the wrong person again? Are new employees gone within a year? Time to choose the people that really fit with your company.

You should not have hired him, but you felt a connection and he wanted the job so badly. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone. These mismatches come with sky-high costs, frustrated colleagues, and unwanted staff turnover. And it takes a lot of energy. This has to change, but how do you recognize the ideal employee?

Don’t make the mistake in choosing a unicorn or clones from you. Don’t let your own bias lead you. You should choose the excelling candidate who matches with the function and colleagues. You can find them by looking beyond their resumés, because people are more than their knowledge and experience. With an open view, you get the people who enjoy working for you and deliver actual value to the goals of your organization.

In The Perfect Match you learn how to avoid your prejudices, the criteria with which you can select your dream candidate, and how to make sure that your new employees don’t run away screaming but can evolve to the key factor of the success of your company.

Published in October 2021 | Paperback | 192 pages | ca. 42,000 words
Over 2,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Kirsten de Roo is a mentor and strategist. She has been helping companies to attract and deploy the right people at the right place for over fifteen years. With her book she wants to supply the tools for entrepreneurs and manager to choose employees with the right DNA.


‘In The Perfect Match I found the connection with my daily activities as an (interim) general manager. I hadn’t finished reading a book before so easily on this topic.’ – Managementboek.nl

‘The Perfect Match doesn’t exist in romance or in the work place. But how you can come close and put the right people at the right place is explained by Kirsten de Roo in her new book.’ – Werf&

‘For all managers and entrepreneurs who are looking for the right way to stand out in the job market, Kristen de Roo wrote The Perfect Match. It starts with determining a clear purpose as organization or department. Without this, you can never hire the right people.’ – Frankwatching.com

‘In her book, Kirsten de Roo describes the steps you need to take as an entrepreneur to find and keep the right employees. Starting with your strategy is an eye-opener. Don’t start recruiting a new candidate for yet another new job, but think about where you want to go with your company first. Then start recruiting the people that match with your strategy.’ – Marketing Tribune



Chapter 1. Who is your company?
1.1 Who are you as an entrepreneur?
1.2 Why does your company exist?
1.3 Employees and customers, a small difference
1.4 Culture and rules
1.5 Realizing your dream

Chapter 2. From purpose to people
2.1 Look beyond today
2.2 Which people do you need?
2.3 Is there untapped potential within the company?
2.4 Which new people do you need?

Chapter 3. People are not their resumés
3.1 Hire people and not resumés
3.2 Prejudice is always involved
3.3 How do you look at people?
3.4 Anxiety is curiosity hidden in the closet

Chapter 4. You can learn how to select
4.1 People are chosen by people
4.2 Know what you choose
4.3 What exactly is a good selection interview?
4.4 People are not assessments

Chapter 5. From selection to onboarding and development
5.1 Why onboarding?
5.2 It is all about expectations
5.3 Onboarding depends on leadership
5.4 From onboarding to development

Chapter 6. Reflect and keep looking ahead
6.1 Evaluate and reflect
6.2 Focus
6.3 New directions? Back to the drawing board
6.4 Continue learning and achieve your ambitions


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