How People Work - Glenn van der Burg

Glenn van der Burg guides you along three forces that determine the behavior of people at their work. And Professor Rick van Baaren contributes knowledge and inspiration to this book, giving you accessible scientific perspectives. How People Work also includes practical assignments and tips to improve your work tomorrow, as well as that of your colleagues. And make it more fun, better, and more effective.

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Have I Got Dirt For You - Dominique J. Darmon

Have I Got Dirt For You is filled with scientific insights, real-life examples, and gossip situations from movies, series, and literature. With the help of this book you will learn everything about this inevitable form of communication. And about all the aspects that have an important role in the art of gossiping: finding the perfect balance is the key to success.

Full English manuscript available | Rights sold for English, Russian, and Dutch | Awarded a Silver Medal by the Axiom Business Book Awards, shortlisted by the Order for Organization Advisors | Great reviews in Financial Times and Kirkus | Click here for more information


The Art of Sustainable Performance - Sebastiaan Kodden

Sebastiaan Kodden studied performance indicators among executives and senior staff of over 1,100 professionals and 50 CEO's of the Dutch best-known companies. His surprising findings put the present recruitment and selection procedures of many Dutch companies in a new perspective. And the book is not only about the theory: it also offers a useful model for recruitment and selection and professional development.

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Work Has Left the Building - Jitske Kramer

Jitske Kramer wrote Work Has Left the Building during the second Dutch lockdown in October 2020. About how we experienced a collective culture shock with COVID-19 and the impact on our work life. Our timing has been off for months, we are confronted with uncertainties, crisis decisions and the necessity to adapt and change. Working from home became standard overnight which requires more than ‘playing online office at home with makeshift solutions’.

Over 20,000 copies sold | Full English AI translation available | Published in German and Dutch | Click here for more information


The Perfect Match - Kirsten de Roo

In The Perfect Match you learn how to avoid your prejudices, the criteria with which you can select your dream candidate, and how to make sure that your new employees don’t run away screaming but can evolve to the key factor of the success of your company.

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Sustainable HRM - Alex Vanderstraeten & Robin Kramar

This book is primarily written for HRM professionals who want to implement SHRM in their organisation, or who want to evaluate and improve their practise of it. Additionally, academics, students, and those interested in HRM measurements are sure to benefit from this exceptional introduction to Sustainable HRM.

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Guidebook Human Recharging Spaces - Renate van der Veen

Why are you bursting with energy from one meeting and drained from another? What is the difference between a regular gathering and a memorable convention? An unforgettable party, a wonderful evening with friends, a memorable conversation, or a valuable meeting.

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