Sarah Gagestein - Don't Think About a Pink Elephant

The psychology of invisible persuasion with framing


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Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to convince the people around you effortlessly of your ideas, at home and at work? You can, by cleverly responding to their subconscious prejudices.

Our brain is defenseless to the convincing power of the words and images we believe in. By using this effect and cleverly framing your ideas, you can, just like successful politicians and advertisers, convince people subconsciously. Don’t try to manipulate, but make your message recognizable in a way that they immediately agree with you.

If colleagues don’t listen to what you have to say, if customers fail to become interested, and do your children ignore you? Time to focus on what they hear, instead of what you say!

Published in May 2014 | Paperback | 184 pages | ca. 43,000 words
Over 10,000 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Building on new neurological and social-psychological insights, and years of experience in business and politics, language strategist Sarah Gagestein shows what works. She is specialized in framing and knows like no other how to control your own ideas.


Don’t Think About a Pink Elephant is a very pleasant book to read. With the many stories and appealing examples, you are sucked into Sarah’s world. She shows how framing happens all around us and how we can make use of this. I caught myself using a negative sentence construction often, which – according to Sarah – can have the opposite effect from what you try to achieve.’ – Psyblog.nl

‘The book is easy to read and describes recognizable situations and ‘oh, right!’-moments. For those who want to use framing more consciously, there are also easy to use tips, especially about certain strategical aspects of framing that are often overlooked. Recommended!’ – R.H. Schoemaker, Managementboek.nl

‘Sarah writes with flair and a hint of dry humor, and shows that framing affects us all. You can use the knowledge in this book to your own advantage, or take it in and view the world with a new perspective.’ – A.W. Peeks, Managementboek.nl



Part 1, The Power of Framing

1. Everybody wants to have it their way!
2. Why is framing so effective?
3. The highways in our brains

Part 2, Becoming a Master Framer

4. A good story for your frame
5. What words do you use?
6. What images do you use?
7. What impression do you make?
8. How do you deal with opponents?
9. The five rules for successful conviction

Checklist framing

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