Oeds-Jan Postma - How to Become a Millionaire With a Regular Job

Stop daydreaming and become financially independent


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Having a million in the bank, who wouldn’t dream of this? Never having to work anymore, doing everything you want. But why would you keep dreaming? Anyone can become financially independent. Also on a modest income.

To become a millionaire, you don’t have to work day and night or win the jackpot. The secret is to live modestly and invest smartly at the same time.

This book doesn’t features stories from famous footballers, singers, or top entrepreneurs, but from ordinary people, like the author. Everything you need, according to self-made millionaire Oeds-Jan Postma, is self-discipline not to run to the store after every commercial, and a useful way to let your assets grow. You can read in this book how to do that.

Postma still works. Because he wants to, money is no longer an incentive anymore.

Published in December 2008 | Paperback | 152 pages | ca. 39,000 words
Over 30,000 copies sold
Full English AI translation available
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Oeds-Jan Postma is economist and writer. In his career as marketing manager, it was his goal to become financially independent as soon as possible. Once he became a millionaire, he became the Money Doctor and helps other people to handle their money better. He coaches individual clients and gives trainings and lectures.


‘The book is an absolute must-read in my opinion. Especially if you are a novice on finance, savings, and investment. And if you like practical tips, this is the book for you. But for the advanced reader, this book is still highly recommended. I really like the author’s writing style and the book is easy to read with humor; I caught myself laughing out loud after reading one of his statements. Recommended for anyone who wants to handle their finances smarter and wishes to know more about investing.’ – The Budget Life

‘Definitely recommended. And you have to do it yourself in the end, so make sure to have enough willpower for the next couple of years.’ – FinancElle


Foreword: the final taboo
Introduction: I have just the same

Part I, Thinking differently about money
1. A million, for me?
2. Thinking like a millionaire
3. Looking differently at money
4. A twist of the brain
5. Less is more

Part II, A dream that works
6. How to make money work for you
7. It’s magic!

Part III, Reaching your dream quicker
8. Make the change
9. Sacred things
10. Holy cow!
11. Food for thought
12. Other ways to save more

Part IV, Doing things differently
13. Let the money work for you
14. Bare buttocks and other assets
15. CEO of Apple
16. Support your dream with shock support
17. Can we even make it more fun?
18. Building your dream

In conclusion: mind over matter

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