Ineke Kievit - Effective Time Management

Giving Meaning to the Time of Your Life


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Effective Time Management provides you with practical tools to effectively and efficiently use the time you have. It will help you to find you place in life in well-organized, flexible, and relaxed way.

In the book you will find answers to questions like:

  • Why do we experience ever more time pressure?
  • What is time in the first place?
  • What is the difference between effectivity and efficiency?
  • Do I have to work more or just push out things?
  • How do I differentiate between what is important and what is urgent?
  • How to I achieve true work-life-balance?
  • How do I go about setting goals and priorities?
  • How do I make best use of the energy I have?

In this third, revised edition of Effective Time Management, the emphasis is on taking responsibility for your life as an individual during today’s times. It gives even more attention to achieving a true balance in your life. These lessons are supported by in-sights into positive psychology, non-violent communications, compassion, and co-mentoring. A special focus looks as aspects of controlling your time of life during the additional challenges of the COVID pan-demic.

Across the book you will find practical tips and useful checklists, to deal with e-mails and other time-wasters and to keep your work on track.

Third edition published in April 2018 | Paperback | 192 pages | ca. 71,000 words
Over 28,000 copies sold
Full German and English AI translations available
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers Amsterdam

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Ineke Kievit has studied Business Sociology at the Free University of Amsterdam. She is founder and CEO of KBC BV and has almost forty years' experience in time- and self-management. She appeared as an expert on television, on these and other personnel development-related topics. She works internationally as coach, trainer, and organizational consultant. Ineke has also written several books in which she shows the impact that past events from her own family, still have in today’s times.


‘A very complete book! All aspects of the subject of time management are covered, not on theory and models, but also many practical examples, as well as psychological perspectives. It is written in a pleasant way, accessible and an easy read. I could make great use of it, both in private and in professional life. We also frequently use it as text book for participants of our trainings on time management.’
Josephine Spaan, Managing Director Klantenbedrijf bv

Effective Time Management is not just a book packed with practical tools, tips, and exercises. It also gets you to think more deeply about why you are doing the things you are doing, and with what emotions. Both the personal writing style of Ineke, and her personal stories she is sharing with the reader (and the enormous experience she brings to the table) are truly inspiring. The make to begin taking small steps, and thus in total help you to make sure you are never again much too busy.’
Nina James, Coach at UrbanMom.nl and Manager of three children

Effective Time Management should be read not only by every manager but also by every employee. The book opens one's eyes to how one sometimes wastes one's time and at the same time gives one super assistance to deal better with the time available. Furthermore, the book is very well structured and ends each chapter with a checklist. This helps to internalize the newly learned methods. Finally, Ineke writes in a humorous and at the same time very well-founded way. All her statements are supported by studies. Ineke also uses many examples to illustrate her recommendations. At the end of the book there are several self-exercises, which are really helpful to improve your work-life balance. Overall, this book is a recommendation for all working people. Not only did I learn a lot from this book, but I can actually use what I learned on a daily basis, for which I would like to thank Ineke.’
Vivienne Broeze, Lawyer in German and Dutch law, Bierens Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Düsseldorf, Germany

Effective Time Management provides the reader with useful tools and techniques to structure both professional life and leisure time in a meaningful way. It offers assistance in finding, formulating and achieving wishes and goals as well as a new and interesting perspective on the valuable resource time.’
Maximilian Pöllmann, Software-Entwickler, KUKA, Augsburg, Germany

‘Very stimulating.’
Prof. Aart Boessenkool, Director Commercialization, University of Johannesburg, South Africa



1 Introduction

2 How Do Things Normally Go?
2.1 Reactive management
2.2 Explanations
2.3 Conclusions

3 What Do I Have At My Disposal?
3.1 Time
3.2 Energy
3.3 Ability to think

4 What Do I Want and What Do I Need?
4.1 Work-Life-Balance – compatibility of work and private life
4.2 Setting goals
4.3 Setting priorities

5 How Do I Achieve This?
5.1 Understand time-wasters
5.2 Communicating effectively and efficiently
5.3 Planning

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