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More and more people are not working at the office anymore. They work from home, mobile, or from a vacation location. You want to discuss current projects and progress or have an informal chat to build a connection. But how do you do that at a distance?

Gonny Vink shows how you can cooperate with people, despite the distance. Read how you turn a group of employees into a team, even if they hardly meet each other physically. And learn how you can exchange information and make clear appointments and agreements at work.

An essential guide book for managers who want to continue actively support their external employees.

Published in May 2019 | Paperback | 173 pages | ca. 36,000 words
Dutch edition published by Haystack

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Gonny Vink is founder and Chief Happiness Officer of work21. With her colleagues she helps people and organizations to respond to all the possibilities that are offered by new technology. She is also a co-author of the Small Recipe Book of the New Way of Working.


‘The book was easy to read and filled with recognition. The book proves that we still have a lot to gain with most managers. Not all of them will know how to create and keep a sustainable connection with their employees.’ – Managementboek.nl

‘Hybrid working is increasingly popular, making remote leadership ever more important.’ – The Entrepreneur


Foreword, Flexible working will be the new standard
Introduction, Why do organizations choose flexible working?

Part 1, Remote working
1 What are the challenges of remote leadership?
2 What does working remotely demand from your employees?
3 Remote leadership
4 Result-driven working

Part 2, Remote cooperating, communicating, and sharing knowledge
5 Making agreements
6 Cooperation
7 Sharing information
8 Communicating
9 Social cohesion

In conclusion, Let start doing it!
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