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Efficient Time-Management


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‘As a manager, I want to focus on the strategy, but instead I am only doing firefighting.’
‘I am not able to complete my promotion thesis besides doing my job.’
‘I actually want to take up my master’s degree after all these years.’

We all have thing we want to achieve in life, but all too often, these goals are obstructed by endless emails and day-to-day business. Jan-Dirk Reijneveld is the first to combine recent scientific brain studies, behavioral psychology, information processing, and ICT insights. His methods show us how to actually achieve the inspiring goals in your life.

After reading the book you,
• Know the five brain laws that will keep your brain in top shape;
• Can achieve your goals and control your delay tactics;
• Are able to process information in a smart way, do speed reading, and use time boxing;
• Know everything about batching, working from home, and the importance of taking a break.

Published in March 2021 | Paperback | 208 pages | ca. 48,000 words
Full English AI translation available
Dutch edition published by S2 Publishers

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Communication scientist Jan-Dirk Reijneveld has decades of experience as a teacher, career coach, efficiency trainer, and project manager. His company Efficiency Expert focuses on working in a brain-friendly manner, getting a grip on your work, and realizing your goals. Thousands of professionals in government, ICT, financial servicing, education, and health care, have benefitted from his knowledge and coaching.


“How can I prevent that I get the feeling that I am only fixing problems and are not able to do my real work? This was my question for Jan-Dirk and soon he provided me the insight where I could get more grip and structure in my work. This gave me more joy and time to do the other important tasks that I continually postponed. My talks with Jan-Dirk gave me the necessary tools to create more peace and space in my work days.”
Hill Scholte, Course Director Lifestyle Transformation Design, Rotterdam Art Academy

“Jan-Dirk Reijneveld is an enthusiastic and intelligent expert on organizing your working in an effective and efficient manner. His coaching approach is personal and enjoyable. He appoints the necessities, but he also questions your work behavior and tells you what your strengths are and what you could improve. I use his approach and tips every day!”
Sebastian Spruyt, Advisor for the Dutch Health Care Authority

“Jan-Dirk helped me improve my time management. With his peaceful and friendly demeanor, he creates a safe environment, which is useful as he shows you some things about yourself that you would not necessarily be proud of. All his help is tailor made, he begins with the right questions to see what the real problems are and keeps checking this assumption. What really helped me, where not just the tips, but also the actual implementing the solutions.”
Karin Smit, Educational Advisor and Trainer at the Utrecht University

“I took several time management courses and still I didn’t have enough time to do everything that I wanted to do. I saw this book and the title grabbed my attention right away. Doing More in Less Time was more or less my last resort to counter my inefficient time management. It has been a gem. A wonderfully written book, easy to read and with a cheerful tone. And most importantly, the book has provided me with the tools and insights to better organize and use my time. Many thanks to the author for the book and I highly recommend it!”
Sandra Klever, Competence Lead/Principal Expert at Ordina

“Most time management books give me the feeling that I have to do so much. Become more disciplined and more organized. That I can only read my emails twice a day. That I have to protect blocks of my time, and so on. With Doing More in Less Time I don’t have to do any of these things. The author shows that it is better for you not to be distracted by emails whilst focusing on a high-concentration job, because your brain isn’t made to do both at the same time. And he tells how to make that possible. He invites you to take care of yourself, and do yourself a favor, and it works. If you have troubles getting that one stupid task done, don’t start feeling guilty about your lack of willpower, because your willpower has its limits, do the task in pieces. The book has practical and user friendly solutions for all your time management problems. Recommended!”
Stefan Carr, Health Care Policy Advisor for the City of Amsterdam

“It sounds so simple, working efficiently will help you realize your goals, but the reality is usually different due to a number of reasons. This book focuses on using your scarce (working) time in the best possible way. An easy to read and practical book with excellent examples and practical tips. The book is based upon a broad field of knowledge and experience, and an great source of help for anyone who wants to work on improving their daily work patterns and behavior. Especially for professionals, but suitable for a general audience too.”
C.M. Manni, Dutch Library Service

“The book provides space and rest in your head and in your agenda. The book is both practical and easy to read with great tips and tricks that really work. If you use the working method for two weeks, you have changed your behavior and you will not want to go back again. Truly recommended.”
Linda Evers, Project Manager and Change Manager at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

“No empty phrases, but a method that actually works. The author is passionate, he really wants to lift us to a higher level, and shows how to do it. Hands-on, gets to the core, and changes your working methods without using complexity. The author really has elevated teaching others to work efficiently to an art form. Accessible, light, and practical, this is a highly recommendable book.”
Emile Drenth, Project Manager at the Volksbank

“A wonderful and practical book to get more done in less time. Jan-Dirk Reijneveld’s style of writing is clear and practical, easy to read, and sprinkled with humor.”
Annelieke van Brouwershaven-Blokhuis, Graphic Designer

“You can use your time only once, so use it wisely! The book is an eye-opener, because the author makes it clear that you are in control of your own time. And you can let your brain do all the work, especially at night. If you understand this, you don’t have to struggle with difficult things during the day.”
Sven-Erik Gutker de Geus, CEO at CareNext and Developer of the Mikzo Method

“A practical and wonderfully written book, with recognizable descriptions of (chaotic) ways of working. Practical and easy to implement tips and tools are included, a true recommendation.”
Babette Druppers, The Coffee Coach

“A great book, useful for everyone that wants to achieve more in less time. Who doesn’t, life is short enough as it is. Practical and easy to implement, and with a solid scientific foundation.”
Dianne Beunk, Partner and Organizational Developer, Bureau Kikken

Doing More in Less Time is a practical guide to have more fun and peace in your work. The book teaches you how to better handle the daily flow of information, the pressure you have to face at work, and the annoying effects of your behavior. And it contains useful tips to use the digital tools you already use for your time management, in a more efficient way. This deals with the transition to working from home more. It always looks so simple, but the reality is often more complex. The simple explanation of your brain functions through a few brain laws, is exactly the right stimulus to wanting to change and stick with it. It is more or less addictive how you are able to have more peace and fun in your work, and actually get more done in less time.”
Michiel van den Anker, Dean and Student’s Coach at the Utrecht University for Applied Sciences

“The book clearly describes the background knowledge why we are so busy doing nothing, and makes the translation to the steps that we can take to solve this, along with some practical tools.”
Henkjan Olthuis, Project Manager and Process Engineer at Neste and Brunel

“The book is practical and wonderful to read with lots of examples. And the brain manual at the beginning of the book ensures that you understand why a certain way of working is the smart thing to do. A great book!”
Gea Dorresteijn, Trainer and Coach at PPI Youth Help

“Everything I need to do, is in my head. This is how I have done it for years. But the growing stream of information made this approach increasingly difficult to maintain. Jan-Dirk learned me that ‘the brain is best used for thinking, and not for remembering’. His methods, which he seamlessly tailored to my needs, are helping me to this day.”
Aukje Smet, Police Union Program Leader for Housing

“When the work piles up, we tend to ‘switch to a higher gear’, which usually only leads to more stress… or worse. With a personal consult, Jan-Dirk helps you to create some structure in the avalanche of tasks and information to turn the tide. He successfully provided me with the tools to create some peace of mind and I thank him for that. Highly recommended!”
Johnny Reuvers, HRM Course Educational Manager at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences

“After I got stuck with my four-year research project, Jan-Dirk helped me to put the collected information on paper. He gave me the confidence to complete the project, he listened to me, he helped me prioritize, and he kicked my ass from time to time. He is a friendly, emphatical, and skilled coach who helps where it is needed and focuses on the person.”
Steffen Kaspers, Human Factors and Systems Safety Researcher at the Dutch Defense Ministry

“Jan-Dirk has helped several colleagues to get a grip on the organization of their work. And as a HR-advisor, I have seen that he is an excellent listener, constructive thinker on possible approaches, and easy going person. Our organization is happy to use his expertise.”
Ingrid Peek, HR-Advisor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

“His tools are clear and immediately applicable, with which we achieve instant results. My colleagues experience more peace and rest in their work, making it possible for them to take control over their own tasks. Four key words to describe the results: calm, insight, control, and de-stimulation.”
Mark-Jan Katz, Senior Management Staff Member at the Courts of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

“It was wonderful how I received the tools to organize my work and take control over my job. I diminished the number of need-to-do jobs I wasn’t able to solve and I can spend more time looking, listening, reading, and thinking.”
Annet Miltenburg-den Boer, Educational Manager Entrepreneurship and Retail Management at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

“His expertise allows Jan-Dirk to give each individual a personal structure and adjust this approach based upon the personal experiences once this individual starts working with it. This creates some excellent coaching results.”
Henk-Jan van Zwieten MBA, Financial Controller at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science

“In no-time, Jan-Dirk is able to spot your weaknesses and come up with actions and advise, which quickly creates the necessary insights and behavioral changes. And the communication is seamlessly, we have seen colleagues blossom, come together, and make the right decisions.”
Natasja Kroon, Director-Manager at Viertaal

“With his motivating approach, enthusiasm, critical views and feedback, Jan-Dirk has helped me finish my Master’s Degree. But most importantly, is that he learned me how to divide my tasks and thesis in sizable portions, making it possible for me to better put my thoughts on paper.”
Michael Schwartz MA, Lecturer Human Resource Management at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

“The book is most relevant for the fact that people who work with much autonomy to process information and provide information products or services, rarely consider the tools that they use; attention and ICT. Most people work on a laptop where multiple notes continuously demand their attention. The book provides useful and relevant insight that are presented in a practical way with advise to do your work better. Doing More in Less Time lives up to its title, you can do more in less time if you follow the author’s advises. And more important; you will deliver better work and in a more relaxed manner, you will not just improve on quantity, but also in quality.”
Arjan Broere, Frankwatching


More and more impulses
Four angles integrated
Is this book for you?
What to expect from Doing More in Less Time?
Structure of the book

Brain Manual
Switch as little as possible
Your brain needs regular breaks
Great ideas come at awkward moments
Your head is for thinking, not for remembering things
You have a limited amount of willpower

From Infobesitas to Overview
A roadmap for your information flow
The required parking spaces
Choosing a dashboard tool
Practical tips

Getting a Grip on Your Goals
From goals to projects
How to prioritize
Keeping track
Practical tips

Saving time
Store reference materials quickly and finding them again
Control your delay tactics
Speed reading
Practical tips

Keeping Your Brain in Top Shape
Work in batches
Creating an optimal working environment
Taking a break
Practical tips

Doing More in Less Time Summarized
Five brain laws
Doing more in less time in ten lines


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