Juriaan Galavazi - You Are The Love

Living With Self-Confidence, Self-Respect, and Self-Esteem


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A new ground-breaking book from Dr. Juriaan, author from the bestseller From Wound to Wisdom. In his new book, You Are The Love, he invites you to live with self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem.

You adapt. To your environment, to your parents, to your partner, to your children, friends and colleagues. You fulfill your responsibilities and obligations as best as possible, hoping you will be a good person and perhaps even happy in the future. Your desire to align with the other to be seen and appreciated is so big, that you live for the approval of others and become invisible yourself. Before you know it, you are embarking on someone else’s journey and at the same time you're taking a seat in the waiting room of your own life.

Even with the best intentions, the end result is that you often hold on to the wrong job for you, a suffocating relationship, a harmful diet and destructive beliefs and choices. And you become unaware that you are paying a very high price for this, in the form of stress, tension and mental and physical complaints.

In this situation, eating healthy food and doing more exercise are valuable steps, but difficult to maintain in practice if the underlying program doesn’t change.

The book teaches you:

  • How insecurity can help you experience more trust
  • How you can take good care of yourself, even when others find this difficult
  • How you find out what is really important to you and how you can really realize this in your life
  • How you can use the opinions of others in a way that they start working for you, instead of impeding your path
  • With free online workbook with further assignments and practical tools
  • With accompanying video’s

You Are The Love guides you towards a life with self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem. It shows that we ignore and overrule all kinds of reflexes, out of the fear for losing something and the need to avoid uncomfortable situations. You will be able to look life straight in the eye and take the necessary steps to learn, grow and develop with curiosity.

Published in May 2022 | Paperback | 352 pages | ca. 80,000 words
Over 25,000 copies sold
Full English AI and sample translations available
Dutch edition published by S2 Publishers

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Juriaan Galavazi is doctor and coach. Body and mind are inextricably linked and he helps people to enjoy fitness in both fields with the coaching programs. The goal is to let people experience that they have a large influence on their own well-being. In his work as a general practitioner, he has experienced that stress and a head full of thoughts can be the source of illness, and physical complaints like chronic fatigue, depression, sleeping disorders, (sports) injuries, palpitations or abdominal pains. Where the mind is not able to say No, the body will eventually show the boundaries of our choices. It is Juriaan Galavazi’s mission to guide people towards physical and mental fitness. With care and attention.


'Everybody deserves this book. I have read a lot in the last three years and started in You Are The Love two days ago. Truly a book that everyone should read and treasure.'

'Thank you for the valuable contribution your book has on my life. Every day has its challenges and I take on every challenge with hope. I am willing to be surprised from not-knowing and the book puts words to the feeling I have had all along. Thank you for describing my feelings.'

'What a wonderful book. My 22-year old daughter is going through a rough time and says that the book could have been written specifically for her. Everything fits, word for word. Many thanks for articulating life like this.'

'I have just finished reading You Are The Love, very recognizable and incredibly inspiring!'

'You Are The Love is the best book I have read. It provided me with so much insights and was so recognizable, really beautiful.'


Foreword – Free falling

PART 1: Stop searching and start looking
1. We suffer the most by trying to be a good person
2. Walking through life on thin ice
3. Toxic loyalty
4. The gift doesn’t always come in the desires wrapping paper
5. The debt of the promise
6. You always pay a price
7. It is worth to take a 180-degree turn

PART 2: Self-confidence
8. Allow yourself to be uncertain
8.1 Can it be exciting?
8.2 Confidence by feeling the fear
8.3 Acceptance is not the same as approval
9. Look in the mirror before you start each day
9.1 Look at the perspective of your judgment
9.2 Green hairs
9.3 Perspective flexibility
10. What you focus on, determines what you see
10.1 Focus makes blind (and offers opportunities)
10.2 Rather than control than accept emptiness
10.3 You are allowed to receive too
11. Play and stop fighting
11.1 Healthy confidence

PART 3: Self-respect
12. Are you allowed to be who you are?
12.1 Can I be, even if you find that difficult?
12.2 Liberating yourself by acceptance
13. The other is too much to outdo for you
13.1 Whose approval do you need?
13.2 Dismissal of the duty
13.3 Blood relatives: you don’t need to be in the same team
13.4 More connecting by saying No
14. Expel toxic people from your environment
14.1 Surround yourself with the people who want the best for you
15. Chose humility
15.1 Life is giving – and daring to receive

PART 4: Self-esteem
16. Go for growth
16.1 Growth might be more important than winning (or happiness)
16.2 Your profit first
17. First clear up your own garden
17.1 What percentage is the relation?
17.2 I want to accept your love in freedom
18. Do something exciting every day
18.1 The magic is right on the edge
18.2 My desire is also my greatest fear
18.3 Doubt is the calling for change
19. Be loving and ruthless
19.1 Values and symbols
19.2 Be clear and specific
19.3 Integrity and sincerity
19.4 Loving and ruthless

PART 5: How to go further in your life?
20. Rules for feedback: a question is more powerful than an exclamation mark (!)
21. Injustice and what happens when the relationship gets clouded
22. You don’t win the race at the finish line
23. If impatience is the illness, taking the time is your remedy
24. Summary: the twelve pillars for living with self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem

In closing: Truly living
You Are The Love workbook

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