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A Walk Through the Wonderful World of Mathematics


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For a child, math equals arithmetic, while a teenager thinks about the struggles with trigonometry and equations. And adults often have the idea, ‘what was all that math at school necessary?’.

But math is usually the invisible, beating heart in most aspects of our daily lives. Professor Ann Dooms wants to share the power and beauty of math with the common public and presents a tasty buffet of what math has to offer in this book.

From eternal truths to computers, from counting on your fingers to browsing through Netflix and Google, from looking in the mirror to calling and paying with your cell phone, from gazing at the stars to taking a selfie, and from computer games to artificial intelligence.

You will be amazed how the author succeeds in breathing new life into logic, limits, irrational numbers, equations, derivatives, integrals, and probabilities.

Published in November 2021 | Paperback | 224 pages | ca. 45,000 words
Over 7,500 copies sold
Dutch edition published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

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Ann Dooms studied Math at the Open University of Brussels and eventually became a professor at that university. She leads the Digital Mathematics research group and is specialized in data science, artificial intelligence, and cybercrime.


From Buffet to Evidence
From Counting Your Fingers to Measuring With a Rope
From Triangles to Relations
From Stars in the Sky to Clay
From Miscalculation to Predictions
From Abstraction to Innovation


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