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Fascinating Bits of Science Like You Have Never Had Before


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Belgian scientist and public favorite Lieven Scheire loves physics and shows the emotions of a formula, the elegance of the universe, and the humor behind a theory. If you don’t like physics, it is because it hasn’t been presented to you in an appetizing manner. This is exactly what this book does, making people hungry for physics.

E = MC2, nuclear fission, the earth’s orbit, and the bizarre behavior of quantum particles, Lieven Scheire explains the most beautiful bits of physics in all their glory. This is the thoroughly updated edition with new chapters, with more delicious physics to enjoy.

Published in April 2020 | Paperback | 192 pages | ca. 45,000 words
Over 15,000 copies sold
Full English AI translation available
Dutch edition published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

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Lieven Scheire is comedian, physicist, and science communicator, on stage and on television, in Dutch and English. He started the comedy group Side Effects with his cousin, while studying physics at the University of Ghent, which resulted in theater shows and television programs. He made successful television programs for Belgian national television, all featuring humor and science in equal parts. In Team Scheire, he recruits a team of engineers, designers, scientists, and programmers to invent creative solution for handicapped people that are unable to fully enjoy their lives.

He has been touring Belgium and the Netherlands since 2018 with his show Live in Nerdland: DNA, an entertaining theater lecture about human genetics and how this soon will impact and change our lives in radical ways.

People love Lieven Scheire for his refreshing mix of science and comedy. He is able to explain complex matters in an accessible manner, with knowledge and humor. Nobody can explain Einstein, quantum mechanics, and Drake’s formula quite like Lieven.


Part 1, Relativity
Part 2, The Atom Bomb
Part 3, Analogue Technology
Part 4, The Microwave
Part 5, Moon, Sun, and Space Colonies
Part 6, Meteorites and Solar Flares
Part 7, Measures and Weights
Part 8, Quantum Mechanics
Part 9, Titan
Part 10, The Speed of Light
Part 11, The Speed of Air
Part 12, The Solvay Conferences


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