Vincent Vermeulen - Guestology 2.0

The New Method to Create Customer Experience


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Vincent Vermeulen is the founder and CEO of the School for Butlers & Hospitality, and the fourth generation of his family to earn respect within the hospitality sector. After a career as a butler, earning him a worldwide network of Michelin-star restaurants and international luxury brands, he founded the school in Bruges, Belgium. Soon, companies would request his assistance with improving and implementing a hospitality mindset.

Guestology 2.0 presents a six-step methodology that can bring the customer experience DNA of every organization to life. For this approach, the input of all stakeholders (management, customers, and team) is crucial, and the desired result is an excellent customer journey, tailor-made for the organization in question. Guestology 2.0 is for every company, in every business.

To be published in March 2022 | Paperback | ca. 224 pages | ca. 45,000 words
Full English translation available
English and Dutch editions published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

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Vincent Vermeulen is an experienced butler and CEO of the School for Butlers & Hospitality. He is the fourth generation with hospitality experience in his family and has had a career that is unparalleled in Belgium. He worked in various Michelin-star restaurants, is consulted by luxurious brands all over the world, had a butler’s training in London, and managed several international services on hospitality. And he is a Toastmaster and Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters, so he knows how to propose a toast in company. All of this makes him the ideal person to teach us about etiquette and hospitality.



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