Mieke Audenaert - How to Grow as a People Manager


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There seems to be a shortage of good leaders, which is troubling because they are fundamental to any successful organization. What makes growing as a leader so difficult? And how can we improve leadership? To answer these question, we have to delve into people management.

This book nurtures a positive approach to people management. Based on current challenges such as diversity, increasing performance pressure, wellbeing, burnout, maneuverability and sustainability, this book takes you along a growth path through five phases of people management:

1. How do I ensure having the right people on board to foster continuity?
2. How do I inspire people and boost their productivity?
3. How can I support and follow up with people so that they are engaged and healthy?
4. How do I get innovative employees with a sustainable career?
5. How do I achieve balanced leadership?

These five phases can be relevant for (future) leaders in any organizational context.

How to Grow as a People Manager aims to develop your people management skills. The author builds on new insights from scientific research. She also provides cases, inspiring examples, self-assessments and practical tips.

Published in February 2021 | Paperback | 288 pages | ca. 80,000 words
Full English translation available
English edition published by Owl Press

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Mieke Audenaert is professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business of Ghent University. She teaches Business Skills, People Management and Managerial Leadership. She has published numerous articles on HRM and leadership in internationally recognized top journals such as Leadership Quarterly, The International Journal of Human Resource Management and Journal of Organizational Behaviour.



Problem statement: How to grow as a leader

1. What is the problem?
2. Why are leaders lost?
3. Which skills should leaders develop?

Phase I: How do I get the right people on board and foster continuity? The role of the transactional leader and justice

Case: James Damore in a minefield at Google
1. Current challenge
2. How does the transactional leader motivate people?
3. Clear and righteous leaders grow by...

Phase II: How do I inspire employees and increase their productivity? The role of the transformational leader and engagement

Case: Greta Thunberg's speech in Davos
1. Current challenge
2. How does the transformational leader motivate people?
3. Transformational leaders grow by...

Phase III: How can I support employees so that they are committed and healthy? The role of the servant leader and social exchange

Case: Mutiny of managers at ABN AMRO Bank against the top
1. Current challenge
2. How does the servant leader motivate people?
3. Servant leaders grow by...

Phase IV: How do I get innovative employees with a sustainable career? The role of the empowering leader and intrinsic motivation

Case: How did Nokia lose a market that it controlled?
1. Current challenge
2. How does the empowering leader motivate people?
3. Empowering leaders grow by...

Phase V: How do I achieve balanced leadership? The role of the authentic leader and sustainability

Case: Employee at a bank discovers a critical accounting problem
1. Current challenge
2. How does the authentic leader motivate people?
3. Authentic leaders grow by...
4. Step by step


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