Bert George - Making Public Organizations Work


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Public organizations matter, now more than ever. Be it hospitals providing us healthcare, schools offering us education, police officers keeping our streets safe, museums safeguarding our cultural heritage, one can provide multiple examples of how public organizations impact our daily lives. But running public organizations is complex and expectations towards these organizations have never been greater — they need to be efficient and effective, provide high-quality and equitable services, and be responsive towards the citizens they serve.

Making Public Organizations Work provides a research-based overview of public management activities that help public managers, or people aspiring to become one, reflect on and enhance their performance. It is the go-to book for anyone interested in the practice of running public organizations and centers on managing reforms, performance and values; managing public organizations and networks; and managing street-level bureaucrats, politicians and citizens. Theoretical insights are made concrete through real-life cases from public organizations around the world.

Published in February 2021 | Paperback | 168 pages | ca. 40,000 words
Full English manuscript available
English edition published by Owl Press

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Bert George is Professor of Public Management at Ghent University Belgium. He holds a PhD in Applied Economics and teaches public management to practitioners and students across the globe. He consults for various national governments and international organizations including the OECD, UNICEF and the EU on issues of public management and governance.



Part I. Macro-level: managing reforms, performance, and values

Chapter 1. Public management reform
Chapter 2. Public sector performance
Chapter 3. Competing values and goals

Part II. Meso-level: managing public organizations and networks

Chapter 4. Public organizations and environment
Chapter 5. Public strategic management
Chapter 6. Public performance management
Chapter 7. Public network management

Part III. Micro-level: managing street-level bureaucrats, politicians, and citizens

Chapter 8. Public managers and street-level bureaucrats
Chapter 9. Public managers and politicians
Chapter 10. Public managers and citizens


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