Vincent Treanor III - Behind The Doors

The Story of a Legendary Band’s Road Manager 1967 - 1972


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In his long-awaited, fascinating “tell-all” memoir, Vince Treanor, former Road Manager of The Doors, opens up – in a mildly and viciously critical tone – about the sometimes harsh reality behind the seemingly glamorous pop star life surrounding America’s most popular and successful rock group The Doors.

Spiced with technical details, never-before-told inside information, the names of hitherto anonymous “Band Boys” (roadies) and his observations in recording studios and on the stages of clubs and concert halls, Vince Treanor writes, straight from the heart, his very personal account of his first attempts to be allowed to work for The Doors, his love and respect for the band, their highs and lows, and the inevitable downfall of this psychedelic classic rock band that achieved a legendary status, and still influences the rock music world of today.

Behind The Doors: the reflections of Vince Treanor, who, through the strangest of events and twists of fate, worked for The Doors as their Road Manager during almost their entire career.

“When you read my book, I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did. It is a shame it all had to end in a double tragedy: Jim Morrison’s failing and demise and the alteration in the format of The Doors. Had they gone on with the addition of a singer with the qualities of Jim, I guess I would be the oldest Road Manager in the business.”
— Vince Treanor

Published in November 2022 | Paperback | 522 pages | ca. 220,000 words | with photographs
Full English manuscript available
English and Dutch editions published by Aldus Boek Compagnie

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Vincent Treanor III (1935) had built and restored church organs, and mostly enjoyed classical music until he was captivated by the music of The Doors in 1967. He left the area where he had grown up and moved to Los Angeles, where he became the Road Manager for The Doors (until March 1972). He was tech advisor for Oliver Stone’s motion picture The Doors (1991), and worked and lived in Korea for a long time. Today he lives in the United States.


“Vince Treanor’s book is an eye-opening peek behind the curtain of one of the most legendary rock groups in history. This is the one truly accurate account of life backstage with The Doors. Not only was Vince influential in the inner workings of this legendary and controversial rock band, he also gave me my start. I thank him for writing his memoirs, telling never before heard stories, and including me from time to time.”
Stuart Ross, former “Band Boy”

“Vincent’s emotional connection to music, literature, and art is pretty mysterious but something about the Doors resonated with Vince. His autobiography is for those to whom this era likewise resonates. His wonderful writing style including the lingo, flowing rhythmic descriptions, sly humor and shrewd impressions of the times and people make this an absolutely historical and entertaining MUST READ! We couldn't put it down!”
Fred & Jane W., Newton, MA

“Welcome to the behind-the-scenes world of rock legends The Doors. If your only experience with The Doors is spinning their albums, this book will widen your horizons. Like the lives of other stars, the story of The Doors is a complicated mix of raw talent, egos and conflict. This book will give an insiders' view of what made their success and what ultimately led to their demise. Having played a small part in this rock and roll tale, some things remain etched in memory. The raw energy, excitement, and chaos. It is sad that the closing act of The Doors performances happened in a rundown former cotton warehouse in the Crescent City with an out of control intoxicated Jim Morrison smashing not only the stage but also The Doors futures. If you want a nuts and bolts view of life on the road with rock legends, the good, the bad and the ugly, READ THIS BOOK.”
Al O’Meara, one of the Band Boys for The Doors, and present backstage in New Orleans



1 The Cathedral
2 The Players
3 The Eccentric Organ Builder
4 A Revelation — The Turtles
5 The Doors Open
6 Excitement Of A Concert
7 The Organ Factory
8 Return Performance
9 The Blond Boy
10 New Haven Arena
11 The Aftermath
12 A New Life
13 Test Under Fire
14 The Family Dog — December 29 to 31, 1967
15 Manager Trouble
16 The Secret Meeting
17 The City Of Angels — January 1, 1968
18 Instruments
19 Rehearsals Begin — January 9, 1968
20 Recording In Sunset Sound
21 Carousel Theater — January 19 & 20, 1968
22 Go Home!
23 Rehearsals Continue
24 The Tour North
25 id Sound Recorders — “The Celebration Of The Lizard”
26 Making An Album
27 Trouble With Jim
28 Hitchhiking
29 More Recording
30 Spring Tour 1968
31 Back To The Studio
32 The Kaleidoscope — March 29, 1968
33 Battle For Management
34 The New Office
35 The New Manager
36 May Madness, 1968
37 Midsummer Adventures
38 July Excitement
39 Summer’s Almost Gone
40 Doors Movie — Feast Of Friends
41 The European Tour, September 1968
42 October Vacation
43 The Buick Ad
44 Establishment Of Fan Club
45 Fall Tour, 1968
46 Late November Tour
47 The Fourth Album
48 The New Amplifiers
49 Madison Square Garden — January 24, 1969
50 Monolith Sound
51 The Graham Affair
52 The Day Of Infamy — Miami, Florida, March 1, 1969
53 The Storm Clouds Gather
54 Money Talks
55 The Mexico Adventure — June 27 to 30, 1969
56 July Celebrations
57 The Fall Performances
58 Absolutely Live, 1970
59 Trials And Tribulations — June, 1970
60 The Mockary Of Justice — August 1970
61 The Witch Hunt Continues
62 Second European Tour
63 Court Resumes
64 The Last Hurrah
65 The Long Trip Home
66 Closing The Doors
67 L.A. Woman
68 Death Of A Singer
69 The New Doors Open
70 Free Agent
71 Preparations For A Tour
72 The First Tour
73 Christmas Break
74 Fired!! — The Big Lie
75 My Final Job
76 My Time With The Doors
The End
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