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The Powerful and Proven Method for Brand Development


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Attention is the new currency. Exploding inboxes, hectic WhatsApp groups and an avalanche of advertising make attention more valuable than ever.

How do you make your message stand out as a marketeer? People will only devote their scarce attention to the brands that truly enrich their lives. With recent scientific research and real-life examples, Klaas Weima shows how you can get attention for your brand. This results in less waste in marketing efforts, happier customers and a better business results.

Attention Marketing offers powerful, simple and proven methods to create attention for your brand and provides tools to implement the methods today.
Six proven attention triggers. Discover which six scientifically proven attention triggers will create attention for your brand.
The Earned Attention Canvas. Develop a distinct and sustainable marketing strategy with the Earned Attention Canvas.
Fifty top-level interviews. Get inspired by the stories from the best CMOs.

Published in November 2019 | Paperback | 240 pages | ca. 60,000 words
English sample translation available
Shortlisted for the PIM Marketing Literature Prize
Dutch edition published by S2 Publishers

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Klaas Weima is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and podcast host. He wrote the bestseller Earned Attention and is a contributor to Marketing Facts. He is the founder of brand activation agency Energize that focuses on creating business growth by earning attention for brands. He regularly writes for the Dutch trade magazine Adformatie, teaches at Nyenrode Business University and hosts the award-winning podcast CMOtalk.


‘This book connects practice and science. Klaas has searched for scientifically proven ways to keep people’s attention in a world filled with distractions. The result is easy to read, full of examples, tools and practical tips.’
Mary Hoogerbrugge, partner at De Positioneerders, chairman of the Effie Awards group and patroness of the SWOCC

‘In Attention Marketing, Klaas Weima shows energetically why attention is the new currency with which brands create a value that is appreciated by the audience. He developed a marketing method, based on scientific research, that creates building blocks and is supported by several examples. It is a must-read that you need as a marketeer to create and influence brand awareness successfully.’
Ine Stultjens, Head of Marketing Royal Auping

‘This book was successful in grabbing and keeping my attention.’
Prof. Dr. Henry Robben, Marketing Professor at Nyenrode Business University

‘Attention is a scarce commodity. With well-funded attention triggers and the Earned Attention Canvas, you create a sustainable distinctive ability. Definitely worth your time and attention!’
Tisha van Lammeren, CCO Consumer Market T-Mobile Netherlands

‘Always put your employees first, they pass the attention they receive to your customers. No marketing campaign can beat this idea. This book offers many opportunities to use attention in the right way.’
Martijn Delahaye, CEO Marketing & Communicatie AFAS

‘Attention is a scarce commodity nowadays, but it is essential for effective marketing. That is why this is an interesting book to read with the proper attention.’
Dorkas Koenen, Chief Marketing Officer Rabobank

‘Personal attention is the most important source of energy for valuable relations, both with people and with brands. Klaas has succeeded in writing a very readable and practical book about attention for brands, that is also applicable to our daily life, perhaps even more so.’
Jan Willem Koch, CEO Continental Europe Hallmark Cards

‘Klaas Weima’s book Attention Marketing connects scientific research with his practical knowledge and experience. Inspiring stuff. If you are a marketeer, this book definitely deserves your attention.’
Willem-Jan Lems, CCO Blendle

‘This book is a must-have for marketeers. Easy to read, entertaining, and offers many tools that urge you to act immediately.’
Noor Cloo, CEO Air Miles – Loyalty Management Netherlands

‘Our profession has revolved about influencing people for centuries. But in order to influence someone, you first need their attention. Someone finally researched the most important attention triggers. A nice guide book to influence more successfully.’
Ivo Roefs, Chairman Dutch Digital Agencies

‘Klaas Weima has written a unique book. He combines scientific insights with real-life cases to build a solid foundation for attention marketing. But that is not all, in the second and third parts of his book, he offers practical tools and exercises to help you grab your consumer’s attention and keep it. This is not just a must-read for the modern marketeer, it is a must-use.’
Prof. dr. ir. Peeter Verlegh, Marketing Professor, VU Amsterdam

‘How do you earn real attention, sincere attention, attention you get for truly offering something that justifies that attention? These are the questions that puzzle the modern marketeer, because creating, communication, delivering and exchanging an offer that represents value is impossible without attention. Consider this a reference book for marketeers.’
Luuk Ros, chief editor Marketingfacts and manager content NIMA

‘Deflate the many marketing hypes and the word ‘Attention’ remains. Klaas cleverly describes how and why attention marketing deserves your full attention. Fluently written, fascinating and well researched.’
Erik van Engelen, CEO Wildlands Zoo Emmen and Marketeer of the Year 2015

Attention Marketing offers an interesting perspective on how communication can stand out in your brain. A recommendation for every marketeer that wishes to truly influence the decision-making process of people.’
Annemarie Joossen, CMO Marktplaats (Dutch and Flemish eBay)

‘Giving attention is much to ask from the busy marketeer, getting attention from a consumer is possibly even more impossible. Klaas and his book offer a wonderful theoretical frame that is combined with a series of practical tools to address this issue. Recommended.’
Alfred Levi, SVP Global Marketing, Data & Media Sales, Ahold Delhaize

Attention Marketing describes the role of attention in marketing communication. A solid guide book on marketing with an interesting approach, a practical canvas and great additional podcasts. The topic is without a doubt relevant and the book certainly helps for developing more effective marketing communication. Attention Marketing is a great tool for every marketeer.’
Thomas Cech, expert and trainer at Sales Improvement Group

Attention Marketing is a suitable book for every marketeer and entrepreneur that really wants to get their brand in the spotlight and get the attention that the brand deserves.’
Mylène Bouwman, social media expert

Attention Marketing is recommended for every self-respecting marketeer.’
Fred Rutgers, entrepreneurial coach, trendwatcher, retail expert and author

‘The book is fluently written and reads easily with the many interviews with marketeers. The theory is clear and supported with enough appealing examples. For every marketeer faced with the challenge to put a brand on the map, this is a great book that will certainly help them.’
Eric van Arendonk, professor Commercial Economy at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, author of the book Neuromarketing and independent marketing advisor



1 The phenomenon attention
2 Attention as a marketing currency
3 Six Attention Triggers

4 About the Attention Canvas
5 Brand
6 Market
7 Goals
8 Communication
9 Continuous learning and development

10 Values scale
11 The brand foundation applied
12 How Can We?
13 Product Box Pitch
14 How Now Wow-Matrix
15 Ten commandments
16 Creative Launchpad
17 Brainwriting
18 Card deck
19 Seven storytelling tips

About the scientific research
Notes and literature
In closing

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