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How do you turn visitors into buyers? And dropouts into sign-ups? Cleverly applying behavioral psychology will massively increase the results of your website, app, or online campaign. Psychologist and web designer Joris Groen and persuasion guru Bas Wouters explain in detail what works and what doesn't – and why.

In this book, you will find specific and easily applicable guidelines, based on 40 years of practical experience and the insights of today's most important behavioral scientists, such as Fogg, Cialdini and Kahneman.

With more than 40 real-life success cases and over 150 illustrations of dos and don'ts, this is the most complete and practical guide to designing and improving your online customer journey.

Do you want to sell more, generate more leads and more registrations every year, just like top websites Netflix, Amazon and KLM? Because they test a lot, they know how we make choices, so that their website yields more. But… they prefer to keep those discoveries a secret. In this book we will tell you what these secrets are and how you can apply them in an ethical way yourself.

Do you want to know how simply changing a title increased sales by 1000%? Do you want to know how Bol.com (Dutch Amazon) increased the number of submitted reviews by 400% with a simple change? And do you want to know how you can apply this directly to your own online environment without major investments? Then don't miss this book and start boosting your online results immediately.

Published in April 2020 | Paperback | With illustrations | 416 pages | ca. 45,000 words
Over 7,000 copies sold
Full English translation available
Shortlisted for the PIM Marketing Literature Prize
Longlisted for Management Book of the Year

Japanese rights sold to Seishin Shobo
Chinese (simpl.) rights sold to Tsinghua University Press
Russian rights sold to Byblos
Thai rights sold to Amarin
English edition published by the Online Influence Institute
Dutch edition published by Boom Publishers Amsterdam

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Bas Wouters CMCT is an expert in the field of persuasion and behavior design. As the award-winning and bestselling author of Online Influence he co-founded the Online Influence Institute. With his online lead generator Keukenplaats.nl, he disrupted the kitchen industry and generated millions of turnover. He is the only one in the world who can call himself a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer and a BJ Fogg Certified Tiny Habits coach. He coached and trained thousands of professionals worldwide to increase their offline and online success. His mission: to help people and companies to a better level of performance by teaching them to apply the principles of persuasion.

As a graduated psychologist, Joris Groen Msc specialized in translating human science into practical design guidelines for the digital world. As the award-winning and bestselling author of Online Influence he co-founded the Online Influence Institute. Joris worked as a user experience designer for leading agencies, companies and brands. In 2012 he co-founded an internationally operating agency in the field of behavior design. There he designed and improved hundreds of websites, web shops, apps, e-mails and online campaigns. The fixed starting point: a scientific approach based on behavioral psychology, research and data. In addition to managing design teams, Joris trained thousands of students and professionals worldwide, including web designers, user experience designers, online marketers and product owners of Coca-Cola, KLM, Alibaba and many more.


'With their new book, Bas Wouters and Joris Groen have given a true gift to those of us who want to become more influential online. In one place, they have provided current, scientifically-based information on the most successful forms of behavior design, persuasive prompts, psychological motivators, practical applications, and more. I was particularly impressed with the book’s advice on simple strategies for making online messaging more effective. For anyone working in online commerce, this book should not be missed.'
Dr. Robert Cialdini, New York Times bestselling author of Influence and Pre-Suasion

'Great read for any digital marketer, jam-packed with info and lots of illustrations.'
Roger Dooley, bestselling author of Brainfluence and Friction

'Incredible book full of practical things to do that really work, having already tried a couple that have already increased our conversions, I have to say I’m really impressed. I will spend next couple of months attempting to implement what I’m learning. There is such a lot though, I think I might have to do their course. These guys are clearly masters of their craft and with their guidance I think I could become an online influence master. Great book guys thank you for the pictures and checklists. They are awesome.'
David Thomson CMCT (UK), Napoleon Hill & Cialdini Method Certified Trainer

'A good behavioral science basis and countless practical examples. Recommended!'
Dr. Ben Tiggelaar, bestselling author, speaker, behavioral scientist and most quoted behavior scientist in the Netherlands

'BAM! Online Influence by Bas Wouters and Joris Groen falls on the doormat. A pound of inspiration about behavioral psychology and online success. With a recommendation from Robert Cialdini, wow... But rightly so, it turns out. Because this is persuasion psychology at its best: scientifically based, clearly explained and (very) practically applied. BJ Fogg's model gives you a clear framework, and with the authors' checklists at hand, it's actually idiot-proof. So I have the confidence that I can do something with it too! Also not unimportant: finally another weighty management book with humor! In short: read, laugh and apply. Rightfully No. 1 at Managementboek.nl.'
Remco Claassen, bestselling author, speaker, highest ranked leadership trainer in the Netherlands

'The book is easy to read and has so many practical examples, including checklists and worksheets for specific types of marketing online. We used the book recommendations on a website, and the client increased conversions by 30%. We literally made 3 changes on their site and increased their revenue. Can't wait to use this work again and again.'
Tina Smith, certified Storybrand Guide


Introduction - Online Influence
Part 1 - How to design behavior
Part 2 - How to design winning prompts
Part 3 - How to increase motivation
Part 4 - How to increase ability
Part 5 - How to design choices
Part 6 - How to apply behavioral psychology
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Russian translation published by Byblos:

Тут вы, возможно, запротестуете: погодите-ка, но если люди уже хотят что-то сделать, к чему их убеж- дать? Но именно здесь и кроется проблема. Тот факт, что мы чего-то хотим, не означает, что мы автоматически это сделаем.

Дизайнеры (проектировщики) поведения в своей рабо-те следуют двум важным психологическим истинам:

• Мы нечасто что-то делаем, если нас к этому не побуждают.
• Если что-то становится слишком трудным, мы быстро отступаем.

Вы можете это признать для себя. Или, возможно, предпочтете этого не делать… Как бы то ни было, назван- ными качествами – пассивностью и отсутствием упор- ства – гордиться трудно.

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